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sneak peek: jill danyelle

by anne

With a creative background in art and design and years of experience working as a therapist, Jill Danyelle combined her desire to work with people with her creative passions and now does personal style and interior design, with plans to make her art and photography available online. Jill has called this small NYC apartment home for the past 10 years. After renovating early last year, she’s working through weeding out and upgrading elements here and there in her own “vintage modern rustic bohemian” style. With a love of clean lines, natural materials and flea market finds, she can’t help but think there is some closeted mid-century Hollywood Regency in her, but overall, this space and her lifestyle dictate a more casual vibe. Thanks, Jill! — Anne

Image above: I have a thing for vintage rattan. I found this table on eBay, where I found the lamp as well. The linens are organic cotton and vintage. The pillow was a flea market find, and the woven blanket I found at an antiques market while on vacation in Miami Beach.

Image above: The Danish Modern chair was found in a vintage shop on Avenue B; I’ve had it for ages. The shelves are very utilitarian, inherited from my old office. They serve their purpose holding books, magazines and a myriad of things stashed in baskets and provide a display area for art work that I have yet to hang.

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Image above: I found the old trunk at a thrift shop. I store my out-of-season clothes and art supplies in it. The Danish Modern daybed was found — unbelievably — at the Salvation Army. I got rid of the old cushions and topped it with organic cotton and wool futons, which aren’t so plush, hence the cushy sheepskins on top. It opens up into a queen bed and has come in handy over the years. The lamp and colorful iitala bowl are new purchases from Lancelotti, a small neighborhood housewares shop. The side table was rescued from the street. The old firkin bucket also pulls double duty as a table and storage.

Image above: The white rattan stool and the identical black one in the previous image are supposedly by Franco Albini. I found them on separate occasions, already painted. I like their versatility and sculptural form. The screen was a Craigslist find. The huge painting was found at a flea market for $5. I love the abstract graphic image, but I also used to sail a lot, so it brings up happy memories, as well. The small black and white photo is one that I took of a Gaudi building in Barcelona. I lived there for a spell, so it is a nice reminder of a place I love.

Image above: The desk converts to a dining table and coffee table. It is topped with a black and white shawl that I brought back from Mexico. The Castelli Plia chair is one of a vintage set I found. The polaroids are of my garden, which I photographed over the course of a year. The lamp has a story, but it is a bit long. Needless to say, it has been hanging around for a while. Kind of a misfit, but accepted.

Image above: I love this turquoise rock ashtray. I am not even sure what it is made out of or where it came from. The dish was a birthday gift from a friend. The little silver bud vase is also a new purchase from Lancelotti. I needed a little something shiny.

Image above: My tiny bathroom! We retiled the floor and added a new marble threshold. The small ÅNN sink from IKEA was the perfect fit. The Brooklyn store didn’t even know they carried it. It is kind of mysterious sourcing these; I think they are more popular in Europe. The light is an old industrial fixture. The mirror is vintage Danish. I love its leather cord. I found both on eBay.

Image above: In the kitchen there are more Plia chairs and a drop down table from IKEA that I painted the same color as the walls. The vintage chrome light fixture was found on eBay. All of the paint throughout, even the floor paint, is by Ivy Coatings. It is a low-VOC paint locally made in Brooklyn. I purchased it at Green Depot and had it mixed in Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace.

Image above: The vase was made by my sister, who also made one of the blue pots in the bathroom. The wood bowl was made by a close family friend and given to me as a gift.

Image above: We fit a fully functioning kitchen in a 5.5-foot wall. It was like solving a puzzle! Under the counter is the coveted gem of many a New Yorker — the washer/dryer. It is an LG all-in-one, and I love it. There is also a small oven and refrigerator freezer. The sink is Kohler. The faucet is IKEA. The two-burner gas range is DeLonghi. To the right of the range we custom built a counter with shelves and room for two barstools underneath. The base is made of pipe and sprayed white. It rolls out to allow access to the window behind it. All of the cookware is vintage Dansk. I like using it and looking at it. The origami platter and heart bowl are vintage Kaj Franck for Arabia. I also have some vintage dinnerware and Spanish mugs in the mix.

Image above: The pantry was a necessity, as I ripped out all of the upper cabinets. I originally wanted old metal lockers here, but at the end of the day — and the end of a long renovation process — I just wanted to sweep up the dust and put things away. I found this cabinet on Craigslist for $75, painted it the same color as the walls, crumpled up some old pattern paper from my design school days, taped it on the inside of the door and called it a day.

Image above: After living here for several years, I was in dire need of storage and purchased these cabinets from IKEA. They fit this space so well that they almost look custom. I have considered fancier credenzas over the years, but functionally, these are hard to replace. The sconces are vintage Lightolier. They are on a dimmer and create a perfect mood in the apartment at night.

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  • this is so amazing. i love that she hunts for the perfect items and stumbles upon them too. and to boot, the renovations are outstanding. her aesthetic and her way of acquiring and customizing the items in this small apartment are so admirable and beautiful.

  • That pantry/cabinet from Craig’s List makes my heart go pitter-patter. I LOVE IT. And like Smith & Ratliff, I adore the industrial side table — that caught my eye first.

    Well done!

  • Oh wow! I have that exact same embroidered floral art work. With the little bee buzzing in the air and all! I got it up at a vintage store in some small town in northern california. Totally thought it was a one off, but I guess it’s not! You really have a lovely home. :)

  • Tell me more about your LG washer/dryer unit. I am looking at buying one of these myself and the reviews are hit and miss.


  • I’d love to know if Jill’s sister who made the one of the blue pots in the bathroom and the vase featured in the table shot has a website. The pieces are beautiful – so is the entire apartment!

  • I LOVE this decor, it’s pretty much what I’ve been trying to achieve with my space for a few years now. So glad for the source info, thank you! Wondering where those small wicker stools (one is black and one is white) came from, would love to get something similar.

  • This is my daughter’s work and I’m very proud of her. I think she’s done a marvelous job of putting together, not only her apartment, but her web site as well.

  • I’m totally digging that compacted kitchen and airy, relaxed feel of the whole place. But especially that kitchen. Love the open shelves & how everything is just right there in reach!

  • The greatest inspiration to how to make my own home stand out from the usual scandinavian template without loosing the simple and natural feel. So well spotted, so many thanks!

  • @Andrea – The small rattan stools were supposedly designed by Franco Albini, but they are not as popular as his larger, ottoman style stools – which I also love. They could just be random vintage. I found them both on separate eBay searches for rattan and reunited them : )

    @Kasey – My sister made those pots in high school many years ago. She has since moved on to jewelry, but does not have a website. It will make her day when I read her your comment for sure. Thanks.

    @Kelly – I love my LG w/d. But it is different from having two separate machines definitely. There is a little bit of finesse to hit a good stride. Feel free to contact me http://jilldanyelle.com/contact and I will give you more details. It was a big decision for me too.

    @Sonya – That is hilarious. My neighbor walked in the other day and her jaw dropped when she saw the embroidered piece. Apparently her good friend used to have this too. I love all the colors. There were a group of us admiring it on the street. I was the lucky winner who took it home.

    @Alix – The appliances are pretty standard white. The LG w/d, a small Avanti refrigerator/freezer and a combo oven/toaster/breadmaker – that was purchased solely b/c it was the exact width. We built a cart for it so it slides out from under the sink. Feel free to contact me if you want any other details.

    @Dad and all the other nice comments. Thank you so much. I have lived here a long time and at one point there was a massive and chronic leak from the roof. It just seemed everything was a mess for awhile. It was so great to reclaim the space, make it white and bright and lighten everything up – literally and figuratively, so it is nice to hear the positive responses!

  • Soooo fabulously simple…and real! It shows that waiting for those right pieces to make a space make it a unique home…not just a decorated space with the latest trends – perfection. Thanks for sharing

  • What a gorgeous, comfy-looking home! Wish I could come by for tea :) I am such a sucker for white floors – I’ve been working on my husband for the past few years to paint our floors white, and I think I finally have him convinced. The next step has been researching how to do it – everything I’d read up until now said using deck paint (like for boats) or similar was the way to go, but I would hate to use something so toxic in my home around my baby. So THANK YOU for sharing the resource for your eco-friendly paint, I am bookmarking it immediately! xo Laura

  • I agree, this home has a very peaceful atmosphere. It’s difficult to make a small space work well and I feel the small spaces in this home have been well-considered. The plants look at home in this apartment.

  • This is a lovely home – reminds me of what happened to Danish modern furniture settings in the 70s and 80s when people discovered rattan. That being said, I found Anne’s commentary a little off-putting. Does she even know what the Hollywood Regency style looks like? To call it out in her article while relating it to this home’s simple style is stretching it a bit.

    • Hi Kitty Katt – Anne does indeed know Hollywood Regency style. You can’t see it in the peek because it is “closeted”. As written above, her lifestyle and dictate the more casual vibe that you see in the home. Thanks, Amy

  • Wow you have done stunning things with the space! Thank you for sharing!

    I love all the natural pieces, the ratan and wood mixed with the white surroundings.

    Thank you for sharing!


  • @Kitty Kat – Yes, Amy is right. When asked to describe my style, I said “vintage modern rustic bohemian”, but that I also had some closeted Mid Century Hollywood Regency. I admire those styles, but the space I live in and my own lifestyle is really more true to this casual vibe.

    I have already started to profile my chic friends however. It is only a matter of time before I convince one of them to let me swank out their pad. Finally, a place for all the Asian screens, campaign dressers and brass coffee tables I have been eyeing ; )

  • I’m so glad that I kept reading after the jump! Rattan is not my thing, but the wonderful way that she fit that compact kitchen in, that bed frame, and the way that she has utilized Ikea in a way that looks personalized are all things I am going to file away to crib off of at some point! Thanks for sharing your home.

  • @Jill – thanks for clearing that up. I guess it wasn’t clear to me on reading it through the first time what you had meant. I for one would love to see all of that wonderful Hollywood Regency stuff in a tricked out home. I have a 1964 Montgomery Wards Catalog, and it’s all there…just wish I could still order it!

  • what are the ikea cabinets called?? i can’t find them and i’m desperate… thank you!!

  • @ELLEBELLE – someone already emailed me asking the same. the cabinets are over seven or more years old and are no longer available. hope you can find something similar.

  • The black and white fabric pillows reminds me of a table stacked with black and white prints at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL…I’d personally balance out the tableaux with some loopy black and white hand knit pillows for additional texture…and more cuddle factor!

  • the blue ashtray looks very much like the green one my husband bought when he was stationed in italy …one day i dropped it on a tile floor in my house in africa and when it smashed, i discovered the color was only a half inch deep…still puzzling out how you can get dye to seep in that far!

  • Love ! Love ! Love ! Great eye for color and use !Want to shop like you when I grow up !

  • @KATHY – If the color was that far in, it was probably added as a pigment when the glass was hot – then layered with the clear. Dyed glass tends to have a thin layer, almost like paint on it. And clear glass is less expensive to make than colored glass, so it was probably a cost saving measure.

  • wow! this is such a beautiful and relaxing home. i aspire to this kind of casual stylishness. i really appreciate that it is feels modern without being harsh at all.

  • What a beautiful and ethereal solution for something so boring as a pantry, I do love it!

  • It showsyou have lbeen iving there for some time before making the renos, they are really well though. Also, love it when the “sneek peeker” shares a lot with comments on every picture, thank you! I think your kitchen cabinet turned out beautifully, more one of kind then metal lockers. And got to say, I totally love your style, Bravo!

  • Sigh. Love the whites, creams and woods together, and the little touches she mentions such as the leather strap on the mirror in the bathroom. And the screen!! So beautiful.

  • I had an LG combo in my previous home and would highly recommend it if you can’t do a traditional washer and dryer for some reason, but you must understand what you’re getting. After owning for a year, I think that a lot of the negative reviews I read were from people who didn’t do their homework.

    Lovely home ~ white + wood + green is a favorite I keep coming back to. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  • Absolutely love this! So beautiful. What color white did you use for the walls? I’ve been looking for something just like it

  • What ikea cabinet do you use fir the entry way. They look fantastic and way more than ikea. Everything is great,,,