nate berkus + my habit sale (and diy video!)

by Grace Bonney

Good morning guys! Amy and I are about to hop on a plane to Dallas but I wanted to share some fun news really quickly. The first update is that we’re going to be on The Nate Berkus Show today! Nate was kind enough to have me back on the show to talk about Design*Sponge at Home and showcase three fun makeover ideas from the book. The one above is my absolute favorite so I hope you’ll tune in if you have time. You can visit the Nate Show website to find your local station and show time for today’s episode. Thanks so much to Nate for having us and welcome to anyone coming to D*S today via the show for the first time!

I’m also thrilled to have a new DIY video and special sale over at Amazon’s My Habit site today (starting at 12pm EST)! They asked me to curate a sale on their site that celebrates a “shiny, happy, girly” theme. I’ve chosen some of my favorite products around the web and My Habit has made them available for sale on their site*. In addition to the sale, My Habit asked me to create a coordinating DIY project (the video is above) to go with the theme (for those who’d rather make than buy- which is always ok with me!) so I created a fun gold-leaf lamp project that puts a shiny spin on a clear class table lamp. Whether you’re up for shopping or crafting I hope you’ll check it all out on My Habit. Thanks! xo, grace

*Please note: D*S did not receive financial compensation for the sale or its proceeds.

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  • Congrats on being on Nate! Can’t wait to watch. You must be so exhausted with all of this travelling! Can’t wait ’til you come to Toronto! :)

  • I don’t get cable so I won’t be able to watch you on TV, but I am so excited to see what you’ve come up with for My Habit. I hadn’t heard of it before and now that I have I am so excited!

  • Congratulations! I actually popped over here today (I’m a regular visitor anyway) as soon as I saw your name on My Habit. So cool!

    Nate’s on my DVR every day, so I’ll see you on there too. Love your new(?) haircut!

  • I loved your lamp idea on Nate! I’m a new fan for sure! Could you also hot glue the cord down the back of the lamp so it doesn’t stick out if you’re planning on leaving it on that jar?

  • Congratulations! Also, I LOVE your dress- could you share where that’s from? It’s so perfectly feminine, gorgeous, and professional and such a great color, too!

  • You look great — shiny, happy, girly! I hope you’ll share where the dress and shoes you wore on the Nate Berkus show are from. I’d love to wear that dress on a job interview!

  • Coolness! Of course I would be at work when intersting things are going on.

    Funny you should mention it, though, because a couple of days ago I took a photo of your book which I placed on the coffee table with my other design books. “D*S at Home” is sitting on top of Nate Berkus’s “Home Rules”. Did you know that both books have the exact same outside dimensions? And yes, that’s how geeky I am. :-)


    • susan

      i don’t typically buy clothes that expensive, but i have literally worn it for every media appearance and almost all our book events, so it’s been worth the investment. ;)


  • I didn’t know My Habit was Amazon’s. Especially since I was going to tell you I can get your book for $10. less and free shipping at Amazon Canada hehe Great segments on the Nate show, congratulations! Now I know I’m going to get the book ;)

  • Love that blue print artwork in the first photo with you and Nate, any idea where it is from?

  • How fun to see the two of you together… love his show and your blog. The desk from door was pretty cool. I really like those black saw horses. I think I’d rather have a door and saw horses in use for extra seating/projects than my plastic fold out table any day! Would you mind sharing the paint color of the door–some sort of peacock blue, which I think should be Pantone’s next color of the year (yeah, I know we just had turquoise a bit ago but this shade rocks!)

  • Somehow, before I really knew what was happening…my hands started flying over the keyboard and about 5 seconds after reading this, I became the owner of the gold patent leather iPhone case! Whoopsie! ;-)

  • Does anyone know where to get the element with the cork on it to make the lamp out of a jar/vase?

  • Loved learning about Your site and your DIY’s on Nate today. Just started repurposing furn. Would love to find the cork element you showed on Nate today. Can you tell me what to ask for and where online I might find this neat item. Thanks

  • love it!!!

    hey.. how do you call that table or desk???… i’ve always wanted one like that…

  • Hello, your video is great. I adore the dome butterfly in the video. I’m searching the same, coud you please tell me where I can find it or where did you buy it ?

    Thank you for your answer

    (Sorry for my english, I’m french)

  • Grace, I look forward to meeting you at the book signing in Birmingham, Alabama! I just watched the Nate Berkus segment–can you share where you purchased the black sawhorse from?

    Best, Aly

  • Love the door table on the Nate show! I want to know where you can get the glass top for it that is inexpensive. I’ve been looking but they seem to be really expensive – over $100 at glass stores. Any help would be great! Thanks.

  • Grace, I love the door table on the Nate show. You are so talented. I loved all your ideas. Keep up all your fantastic ideas! And, congrats on the book. I must go purchase. I would love to feature your door idea from the nate show on my blog…http://tuttobellablog.com. I will of course attribute everything to you. Do I have your permission? Hope so, but please let me know. Thanks so much!!