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living in: the royal tenenbaums

by amym

The Royal Tenenbaums is the film that canonized Wes Anderson as America’s most beloved auteur so far this century. His quirky art direction re-interested our generation in preppy classics, while pushing the envelope of dry humor and absurd character plots. To see The Royal Tenenbaums is to love The Royal Tenenbaums and we couldn’t imagine a family who’s style we’d rather inherit.          –Amy M.

1. Scalamandre zebra wallpaper; 2. Pink princess phone, $49; 3. Atluzarra Maple Coat, $21375; 4. Black wall clock $24; 5. Wall sconce, $240; 6. Handcrafted mask, $40; 7. Sam Edleman loafer, $130; 8. Delfina Delettrez finger ring; 9. Victorian stool, $2100; 10. Bow barrette, $15.

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The family’s blend of traditional and quirky have held us spellbound for a decade now. Richie’s morose turn as a washed up tennis star and Margot’s misunderstood playwright complete with mysterious wooden finger are our ultimate style ideals, almost as much as the family’s mansion filled with hand-painted portraits and offbeat accessories. Please prepare the adoption papers, we’re ready to move on in.

1. Gauntlet glove, $129; 3. Male falcon; 3. Minox digital camera, $199; 4. Vintage tennis ball canister, $11; 5. Canvas pup tent, $54; 6. The Sharks of North American Waters, $19; 7. Ray-ban “Cats 500” aviators, $129; 8. Jensen Turntable, $88; 9. Cast of Vices hospital Bracelet, $198; 10. Fila headband, $2.50.

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