willow ship

by Grace Bonney

One of the weird things about running a design blog is that I actually buy very few design products, mostly because, for some reason, writing about something feels pretty close to living with something. I spend time looking at a product, editing images of it, thinking about what I’ll write and what I’d do with it — all those things add up to a decent chunk of time that feels sort of like already owning it. Sadly, that can lead to a paralyzed state in which I never buy anything (hence my fairly empty apartment), but it also means my credit card is much happier with me. But every now and then, something grabs me and forces me to crack open my wallet and splurge on something pretty. Today it’s these beautiful 100% linen block-printed designs from Blake Kahan of Willow Ship. I have a major, major weakness when it comes to textiles, and when hand-printing is involved, the game is over. I’m sold. Throw in that oh-so-beautiful ombre fade from light to dark, and I can already feel my purse getting lighter. Blake recently debuted this new collection online at Etsy, and I’m pretty sure I’m buying a few different styles. It’s a good excuse to entertain . . . at least that’s my excuse. Click here to check out and shop Willow Ship’s collection online. xo, grace

More images of Blake’s work continue after the jump . . .

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