we like it wild

we like it wild: it’s so hard to say goodbye

by StudioChoo

We got a little teary writing this post. Today we come to you with a farewell love letter and a big thank you. It has been a wild two years! We are honored and so appreciative to have had the opportunity to share our floral projects and inspirations with you. Writing the column gave us a much-needed escape from the day-to-day business of running our floral studio and pushed us to keep being creative. We’ve shared our favorite flowers, celebrated the holidays and showed you some big milestones in our lives, like the making of our shop and Jill’s wedding.

We are grateful to have been connected with so many fantastic people through our little column and will always have a special place in our hearts for Grace, the Design*Sponge family and all of you readers who have supported us during our time here. We have lots of big upcoming plans, including the arrival of baby Choo in January! We are working on a book with our friends from Star Apple Edible and Fine Gardening, lots and lots of weddings and a full and fun holiday schedule. We hope to pop back in here now and again and share what we’re up to, and we’d love for you to stop by and see us online or in person at Prairie Collective. It has been a pleasure. Love, Studio Choo.

There are more images from the Studio Choo family after the jump…

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  • oooh….You’ll be missed! I always paused on these columns. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  • NOOOOOO! But… I love you! Please come back! Don’t go! We Like it Wild is my favorite! Especially now that I see you have a beautiful white chihuahua and other doggies. I’m going to go listen to “Don’t Speak” on a loop forever now. :(

    *congratulations on all your happy life events, I guess. :P

  • Aw, your post made me teary eyed. Love your column—-so sad to see it go. Plus, your doggies reminded me of my girl Maya (Aussie Cattle Dog) that passed away a couple years ago. Miss her :(

  • This is a bummer! Your column was my favorite…always gorgeous and incredibly inspirational. Guest post a lot, please!

  • This is truly a sad day to read that you are leaving D*S. As a designer on the East Coast I have admired your work from afar…Good luck and I am sure I will continue to check in with your online contributions. Thanks for the smiles you have allowed me…

  • I’m in the floral busuness and have visitied your column fo advice etc..u will be miss 4 sure. Good luck and your endevers….

  • Your columns have been a quick sanctuary of peace for the days your articles appear! You’ll be missed Studio Choo! All the best in your future undertakings and God Bless! :)

  • Farewell! Your columns have always brought some happiness to my day – they were always so cheerful and unique!!!

    THANK YOU and best wishes for your new projects!

  • Oh Katy you luck duck! You are going to love her so much! There are some great Youtube videos showing how to lube and oil, your Betty. All those little holes on top of the machine need a drop of oil and lube the gears. Woendrful find! And you have one cute puppy too.