textile field by the bouroullec brothers

by Grace Bonney

You know that game (which I’ll abbreviate here) FMK? If I was asked to play that game and the Bouroullec Brothers were involved, I would marry them every. single. time. These two brothers are hands down my favorite designers around. They have literally never designed something that I didn’t immediately love and want to either own or explore in person. They approach design with that perfect combination of curiosity, problem-solving and beauty. I can’t say enough good things about them; they’re quite simply the best.

Along with Kvadrat, Ronan and Erwan designed a gorgeous new installation inside the V&A for the London Design Festival. They had free reign to choose any space in the museum, and they decided to create an amazing textile field that’s nearly 100 feet long inside the Raphael Cartoons Gallery.

Their intention was to create a more casual experience for viewers in what is often an intimidating and formal environment. The colorful foam and textile field invites guests to lounge, relax and enjoy the artwork from a more comfortable setting.

I’d love to install something like this in a basement, playroom or backyard, so guests (or children) could have unlimited space to relax. But until the Bouroullecs design an at-home version, I’ll live vicariously through these photos. If you’re in town, you can visit this for the rest of the month at the V&A. Well done, Ronan and Erwan. xo, grace

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  • This is really amazing, pure art and dedication. Also I just want to tell you that I bought your book and I love it, every single page is an inspiration, is great, so thanks. Have a nice day.

  • This is such a great installation, its so nice when you can interact with art, it becomes more personal to you, will definatly pop along to see it if im in london!x

  • I love installations like this, its so nice to interact with the artwork, makes it feel more personal to you, your experience. x

  • I spent my lunchtime reclining on this and I can testify to the fact it’s really comfy. It was a great way to experience the space in a whole new way – I’m heading back tomorrow!

  • Ah! So cool! I just got back from London on Sunday, so I can say I had the privelage of experiencing this in person!! It was pretty awesome. Everyone was laying down on the edge, looking up at the art.

  • Went to visit it yesterday and was not disappointed, the installation is fun but also very relaxing and sociable, it would be great in a home version to have the angled side panels on hinges to create access to potential storage space below.

  • Wow, what an interesting idea! I love the way it makes you conscious of ideas about the “right” way to experience artwork. And such beautiful colors…. Thanks for sharing this!!

  • It was really fun to see in person. I also liked that since you have to take your shoes off to lounge on it that everyone seemed to relax even further. There were all these shoes lined up along the edge and just people lying about all over the place. It was very chill and a cool way to experience the art surrounding it.