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diy project: leather envelope phone case

by Kate Pruitt

As you may know, I have a weakness for tech accessories — especially ones that you can DIY — so it should come as no surprise that when Aimee of SwellMayde offered to share this tutorial, I immediately said yes. Aimee was even kind of enough to make a leather case in the signature D*S color — bright coral! This DIY is super easy; the combination of basic materials and a printable template means even a novice crafter can produce this chic, simple phone case for themselves or as a gift in no time. Thanks for sharing, Aimee! — Kate

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My favorite ideas usually stem from necessity. In this instance, it came from a serious need for a cell phone case, as I looked down at my beaten and battered iPhone. I decided to create a version of my own.  Something simple with clean lines, almost origami-like in its minimalism. And just like any SwellMayde DIY, I wanted to keep it easy to make yet very workable into your everyday life. — Aimee



1. Print out cell phone case pattern. Lay onto leather, tape in place. Use stitching awl to poke holes as marked on the pattern.
2. Cut out pattern.
3. Hand stitch in and out around the leather through the poked holes (will create a dashed line effect, see photo).
4. Then, hand stitch in the same manner to fill in the unstitched areas. Be sure to overlap about 3 stitches to keep the stitches secure. For a more visual tutorial on how to hand stitch leather, click here.
5. Fold over the left and right triangle flaps. Sew together, making sure the 4 poked holes are aligned.
6. Add e6000 glue to the bottom flap, tuck inside, and glue in place.
7. Hold for a few seconds to allow the glue to set in.
You’re done!

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