blanket magazine

by Grace Bonney

I’m always really curious about why people choose the names they do — names for their children, their businesses and especially publications (I wish I’d thought my own through a little bit more. It’s weird to say “sponge” twenty times a day). So much is riding on that one singular choice, and it’s always interesting to see how the name effects the way people perceive whatever that thing is. I’ve been a fan of the digital magazine Blanket for a while, and as much as I love its cutting-edge art and design coverage, every time I hear its name, I immediately think of Michael Jackson’s son. So now my brain is flitting back and forth between those little children walking around a mall with carnival masks on and the content housed inside this great magazine. Thankfully, Blanket‘s debut printed edition is starting to win the battle in my brain for what I will now associate with the word “blanket.” Their gorgeous limited-edition printed version was designed to be a keepsake, with a fantastic metallic cover illustrated by Daren Newman. The issue is full of beautiful new commissioned work by artists like Lizzy Stewart, as well as articles on up-and-coming designers, artists and photographers we should be watching. I’m always excited to see web publications try a new format, so I just wanted to give a big congrats to Blanket on their newest adventure. Click here to check it out and order a copy online. xo, grace

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  • Oh it’s stunning. I had similar thoughts after I actively started promoting my new blog! But I figured there must be a reason why I chose the name and started to run with it in the first place!

  • I love the word blanket too. I once thought it would make a great name for a PR/communications company I was thinking about starting.

  • I almost named a dog “Sponge” once, because she was so fast to soak up any little crumb that fell to the floor. But in the same way your children look like their names, I think your site would never be quite right if you changed the name now~ it just IS Design Sponge! (and it happens to be my favorite email to get every day with links)

  • So funny to me that after describing your reaction to the magazine’s name as conjuring images to michaels kids that the first image in the post is from the magazine, of something like carnival masks…

  • I am so excited about this. I was in an issue previously and I can’t wait to see their new issue in print! (and the cover is gorgeous!)