abigail edwards

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes, great design can make a liar out of me. Just the other day, I was swearing off wallpaper, explaining that I was tired of pattern and ready for something clean, simple and new. Then Abigail Edwards’ new Seascape wallpaper designs came along, and I’m ready to throw that earlier proclamation out the window in exchange for a room full of those gorgeous hand-drawn waves. Abigail is launching these new designs tomorrow at Tent London, and if I were there, I would scoop up at least a dozen rolls of that beautiful brown pattern above. It’s begging to be used in my bathroom; it feels like the perfect thing to be surrounded by when relaxing in a bath. Sadly, I don’t see a lot of “relaxing in a bath” time in my future, but hopefully I’ll see some of this paper instead. It’s gorgeous. Click here to check out (and shop, $93 per roll) Abigail’s latest designs. xo, grace

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