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make it yours: cathy and robin of heath ceramics

by Lauren

I’m not sure I have ever come across a house quite as beautiful as Cathy and Robin’s of Heath Ceramics. From their lovely color selections to the stunning tiles and furnishings (that fireplace!), I’m ready to move in! Click here to view the rest of the original sneak peek, and don’t forget to visit Heath Ceramics to check out their wonderful selection of tile and tableware. — Lauren

Palette 1 (Living Room)
A. Phantom (Pratt & Lambert), PMS Warm Gray 1; B. Arroyo Red (Benjamin Moore), PMS 483; C. Redstone (Benjamin Moore), PMS 7417; D. Ocean Breeze (Benjamin Moore), PMS 290; E. Deep Charcoal (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 7540

Roundup 1 (Living Room)
1. Nelson Ball Pendant, $359; 2. Simple Felt Basket, $150+; 3. Malm Fireplace, prices vary; 4. Womb Chair, $3,455; 5. Espresso Cup and Saucer, $3; 6. Wood Carrier, $250

The second image and roundups (paint + decor) continue after the jump!

Palette 2 (Kitchen)
A. Hazelnut Cream (Benjamin Moore), PMS 4685; B. Ozark Shadows (Benjamin Moore), PMS 421; C. Merigold (Behr), PMS 109; D. Green Myth (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 579; E. Wrought Iron (Benjamin Moore), PMS 446

Roundup 2 (Kitchen)
1. Heath Tile, prices vary; 2. Bertoia Counter Stool, $960; 3. Bottlehood Short Glass, $19; 4. Bottle Bulb, $34; 5. 3-Piece Hungry Dinnerware Set, $105; 6. David Mellor Knife Block, $110

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  • Heath ceramics makes my favorite tile. Wish I could have afforded them for our new addition, but it looks like I’ll be able to borrow some color cues instead. :-)

  • Interesting way to display the photos. Any idea where I could find more information on that?


  • Hey that house looks pretty good (it’s mine), funny thing is we’ve totally changed it! It was better to photograph than to live in, that single sheet of glass that used to pose as a window by the fireplace is not french doors to our new deck, AND we don’t freeze in the winter. The kitchen is the same and the fireplace is still there though. That yellow from the tile has been matched to paint and has taken over the house. Here’s a link to the ongoing project: http://neverendingprojects.wordpress.com/

    and Tagati, the photo display was made by my husband, it’s two machined pieces of aluminum with a piece of velvet ribbon in-between, that give the friction needed so the photos don’t slip out…he’s clever!