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living in: the sound of music

by amym

Whatever your feelings about musicals now, it’s undeniable that every little girl has dreamed of living in The Sound of Music at one point or another. Most first viewings happen at such a young age that being 16 going on 17 seems an utter impossibility. It’s hard not to still dream about singing on mountaintops, dancing in gazebos or picnicking in fine Alps form.

1. Bistro Cutlery Set, $45; 2. Goat Marionette, $13; 3. Milk Bottle, $16; 4. Pack Basket, $104; 5. Hermes Scarf, $385; 6. Saltwater Sandals, $39; 7. Wicker Picnic Basket, $19; 8. Vintage Alpine Hat, $22; 9. Yamaha Guitar, $139; 10. French Bistro Glasses, $14

The second set of stills and another product roundup continue after the jump . . .

The curtain-made clothes get a lot of play, but how about the girls’ sweet sailor uniforms? The movie blends a charming mix of Fraulein Maria and Captain Von Trapp — a little free spirited and a little fancy, too. Whatever camp you fall into, there are a few simple things on which we all can agree: Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens win out every time.

1. Gold Tassel Tie-Back, $7; 2. Dear Creatures Dress, $145; 3. Whistle Pendant, $51; 4. Winterset Chandelier, $299; 5. Antique Silver Teapot, $65; 6. Envelope Tray, $22; 7. Cane Back Chair, $593; 8. Hammered Gold Pillow, $565; 9. Skeleton Key, $26; 10. Aidan Gray Candlesticks, $315

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  • Officially one of my favorite “living in” posts EVER.
    You had me at “goat marionette.” “The Lonely Goatherd” was my favorite part of “The Sound of Music” when I was growing up.
    (Now that I know the history, I tear up when the Captain sings “Edelweiss.”)
    Welcome to my Pinterest, “living in: The Sound of Music.” Welcome.

  • I just watched this movie in the past week. Ironic! And I’m so glad you listed those sandals. I’ve seen a few people wearing them [outside of the movie] and I’ve been at a loss as to wear to find them [at least a good pair that will last a while].

  • this was great– had to tweet this–I love this movie! I grew up wearing Saltwaters and my kids wear them!

  • Awwww now all I want to do is run home and curl up in front of this movie! How is it not an all time favorite for almost every girl? P.S. I had a BIG crush on Franz. I still might.

  • The Sound of Music is one of my all time favourite musicals. It’s such a classic. I would love to live in the Sound of Music; wear cute dresses made from curtains, picnic in the Alps, and spontaneously break out into song! The perfect summer vacation. Great links and inspiration.

  • Still one of my most favorite movies! What a great edition! This movie holds so many dear memories and love all the accessories! Thank you thank you!

  • You managed to find a goat marionette, that’s awesome! The 565$ pillow is crazy though :s

  • wow amazing ^^ everything looks fantastic, you are a clever girl!! aww this movie is one of my faves.

  • stoked to see the saltwater sandals! i have a pair in red that are pretty haggard and was looking to order another pair. then bam there they were! ive now got a yellow pair on the way! thanks again to d*s!

  • I love(d) this movie too! I just went to visit my parents homeland (Slovenia) this summer for the first time. It’s also on the alps and borders with Austria- and the Sound of Music Soundtrack was playing in my head my whole vaca. It makes you wonder why people would leave such a blissfull place?

  • the goat puppet!!! It’s so cute! I would have picked everything when I was 9, now I’m keeping the goat and the hermes scarf.

  • LOVE! Also one of my favorite “Living In” posts EVER. My little sister watched this movie every day when she was little…she even walked down the aisle at her wedding to Edelweiss. It was such a great moment. Might need to pull the DVD out next time my husband is out of town. :)

  • I’ve been using a pack basket for years and am so excited to see one in this post. Not only are they really handy but they are really cute.

  • Thank you! This is the first film I ever saw in a movie theatre. I watch it every Christmas.

  • First words out of my mouth: omigod YES! I adore this movie, and would now love nothing more than to go home and watch it. Lovely choice!

  • Oh this is fantastic. That grey goat marionette is adorable! And, of course, I have “The Lonely Goatherd” stuck in my head now…. :)

  • Lovely post. The link for the drinking glass leads to the guitar, though.

  • Are you kidding me with this amazing roundup!? Gah. I can think of ten people who would FLIP over that goat. This took out half my holiday shopping –THANKS!
    I love the alpine look something fierce. I’m hoping it comes in vogue like the ‘Rocky mountain lodge’ look took off back in the 70’s. I seriously need more edelweiss in my life.

  • #1 this is my favorite movie, ever! #2 the marionette is the best! Now I have the lonely goatheard stuck in my head too! Great Roundup!

  • Whistle pendant! Goat marionette?! You are clever, Amy; this post made me so happy. I have always adored “The Sound of Music” but never noticed how stylish it is until now. And I agree – I thought “sixteen going on seventeen” was sooooo far off and mature, too. ;)

  • the link to the bistro glasses takes you to the guitar. where can I find the bistro glasses?

  • Best movie ever, and my favorite Living In thus far. I sing the songs from the movie to my 2 boys every night.

  • The fairytale scenery cannot be beat. I need to trade in my VHS tape for the DVD already!

  • so… i look forward to these in my RSS feed like nothing else and now you have done the sound of music! yay! west side story will “complete me.”

  • and… we’re doing a sound of music “favorite things” themed party in a couple of weeks and this is some nice creative inspiration.

  • Love this! I can’t believe how much I want a whistle pendant right now…

  • I have some of those “french Bistro Glasses” that I got from Crate and Barrel for under $4 each!

  • But, but… you forgot to find a set of drapes. :-)

    Thanks for making this. Now I too have the “lonely goatherd” music stuck in my head.

  • Amazing, this has totally brightened my morning. I love all the objects in the second group of pictures. Having watched this film more times than I can keep track off during my childhood, I feel I need the goat marionette in my life.

  • I love your “Living in” series! Never considered to do the opposite? showing items first and then asking readers to guess the movie?

  • my rental movie queue stays full thanks to your living in posts (my husband: “out of africa? what in the world??”), but this time i beat you to it–saw SofM twice with my kids last weekend and loved every second of it, can’t get the songs out of my head :)

  • How delightful!!
    It’s such a design worthy film. You could even do another post entitled, “Fashions by The Baroness!!”

  • I have always adored this movie… even as a 4 year old. I wanted to run away and go live with Julie Andrews whenever I was upset!

  • Ah, it brings back such memories! The songs are running through my head now! This movie made me dream of someday seeing the alps–a dream that has been fulfilled, by the way.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! Totally unrelated to the Sound of Music, but I’ve been looking for the perfect wicker box for a card box for my wedding and there it is! Super affordable too!

  • Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Going to Salzburg next week and this has only fuelled my excitement further! :-)

    Aaaand I’ve just spotted that you’ve posted on Stealing Beauty as well — off to enjoy that post as well!


  • Oh my goodness – this is one movie I truly want to live in: I travelled all the way to Salzburg purely to do the Sound of Music Tour.

  • def. a top 10 fave movie of mine!!! i have two vynyl records that i listen when i want that vintage sound and 3 of the songs are my itunes Most Fave list…. may just watch it tonight, actually since i’m wide awake. Thanks for the moment!

  • Have you done a column on “The Holiday” yet, with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz? That’s England AND L.A. both. I love Kate Winslet’s house in the movie.

  • Sometimes I’ll put this movie in to play while I’m cleaning so I can sing along with all of the songs, but I ALWAYS wind up just sitting on the bed and watching it all the way through. No way to count how many times I’ve seen it. And I also used to dream of being Liesl, and have always loved that name. We hope to move to Europe one day, and Austria will be top on my list of places to visit!