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field days: amazing custom artwork for projector

by Grace Bonney

This weekend my parents were in town and we ended up talking about music. My dad was lamenting that no one bought albums or non-digital music anymore, which got me thinking about how much I miss record and CD packaging. My first job out of college was with a small record label in NYC and I’ll never forget how excited I was to attend a meeting with one of our artists to brainstorm CD packaging ideas. We went through stacks of inspiration CDs, dug out boxes of crazy materials being considered (a faux-fur cover was on the table- yikes) and wrote down page after page of artists that could be good to work with for a custom design. The sky was the limit and it reminded me of all the times I bought tapes and CDs when I was younger and how the artwork excited me as much as the music.

It feels like those days are all but gone, but thankfully a few bands haven’t given up on artwork. D*S reader Tyler sent over this link to an amazing video showing the band Field Days as they make one custom (the word ‘custom’ barely seems to do this amount of work justice) CD for their album ‘Projector‘. Everything is handmade here, from the CD sleeve (which is made by staining paper with colored water) and outer track listing to the artwork on the cover. Some of my favorite bands are still committed to this sort of DIY spirit and I’m so glad to see Field Days is as well. I was just typing the sentence “this makes me want to order one of these” and stopped myself. In between this sentence and the last I went to Field Days’ site and ordered one of these gorgeous handmade CD packages. The artwork alone is worth the cost and I’m so excited to listen to the music. If you’re up for some great new music and supporting a band that’s so dedicated to beautiful custom artwork and a handmade experience for its fans, click here to order a CD ($14.99) or album ($19.99). Thanks to Tyler for passing this on and thanks to Field Days for keeping the relationship between art and music so strong. xo, grace

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  • I too so miss the album, CD cover art it made the band the music and all a whole interesting package.. I love when creatives types do their own thing.

  • What a beautifully prepared CD package. It seems that because mass produced CDs are becoming less and less popular, there are a lot of musicians offering thoughtful, hand-made, art-minded album packages instead. I think that this could be a really interesting new stage for the music industry. (By the way, just bought this CD – worth it for the art alone!)

  • Wow, totally cool! My husband is in a band, and is about to release a new album & they’re going through this very thing: Do you release an LP record? A cd? digital only?

    I have no real insight into the music world and how it all works these days, but I echo your and Angelia’s comments. I really, really miss how exciting the full package of music + cover art on a real ‘something’ you can hold in your hands is. It WAS about the whole package!

    Glad to see there are bands out there still doing it the ‘old-fashioned’ way; it seems something is lost without it.