extra extra: the design*sponge newspaper is out!

by Grace Bonney

Photo by Allison Nadeau

This has been a week full of exciting announcements and events, but for me, nothing is more exciting than finally getting to announce our spur-of-the-moment summer project: The Design*Sponge Newspaper!

Earlier this summer when Kate was visiting from San Francisco, we were all blown away by the gorgeous newspaper-style press releases we saw around design week in NYC. Rather than let that inspiration go to waste, we ran to the nearest coffee shop, and within an hour, Kate had thrown out a dozen great ideas and Amy had found a place for us to print newspaper locally. A week later, I booked plane tickets for Amy and I to fly out to California to visit Kate and produce our very first newspaper (which was much bigger than we expected, see video below).

Because this was a complete passion project, we threw ourselves in headfirst and decided to devote our first issue to our favorite time of year: summer! Here’s what you’ll find inside our very first issue:

  • Beach home tours
  • Designer interviews
  • Driftwood-themed product roundup
  • 3 awesome summer DIY projects
  • Summer-themed crossword puzzle
  • Short story (by Kate!)
  • A summer music mix with CD art you can cut out!
  • A map of our favorite water vacation destinations and favorites from 50+ other designers/artists


Because this is a complete test-run for us, we decided it would be fun to distribute this as a free arts paper at stores across the country. And because we have the best readers in the entire world (seriously, you guys melt my heart with awesomeness), we were able to form a national street team of readers who were willing to devote their time to handing out newspapers at some of our favorite stores, coffee shops and bookstores around the country! The FULL LIST IS BELOW THE JUMP (25 cities, over 200+ locations!), so I hope you’ll all head out and grab a free copy at one of the fantastic locations that was willing to host our very first newspaper.

After the jump, I’ll answer some FAQs about the paper and the distribution locations, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved in this project, which was a complete last-minute labor of love. Thank you most of all to Kate and Amy who dropped everything last minute to make this project with me. Thank you to Tonya and Alanna at The Dye Lab who designed the paper for us, to Erin Kunkel for letting us feature her beautiful photography, to HGTV for sponsoring our paper, to everyone interviewed and showcased inside the paper and, last but not least, our amazing street team of 21st-century newsies: Cheryl Day, Rachel Jacks, Heidi Bannon, Ginny Branch, Cara Sheridan, Katherine Watson, Leslie Kingery, Erica Braverman, Lynsey Jones, Jessie Smith-Larson, Danielle Rub, Kalehua Kim, Lauren Willhite, Matt Pierce, Kate Pruitt, Noah Cates, Jennifer Wolfe, Ali Griffin, Erica Nikolaidis, Jenna Nikolaidis, Erica Pelletier, Amanda Brown, Jen Merrill, Gabrielle Beretta, Harper Poe, Blair Remington, Ashley English, Amy Azzarito, Susan Schwake and Sullivan Owen.


Design*Sponge Newspaper FAQs

1. Where can I get a newspaper?

Please see the full list of cities and shops below.

2. Can I order one online/Why isn’t this in my city?

This is a test run for us, so we had a limited budget to work with. Because of that, we could only afford to print 10K copies, which we distributed in cities where readers were willing to help us hand them out. If the demand is great, we’ll consider releasing a digital version, but for now, this is a test run (in stores only) distributed in the cities where our readership is the most concentrated.

3. Will there be more issues?

We hope so. Stay tuned for more updates . . .

4. How can I get papers for my store?

We aren’t currently mailing out additional issues, but if you’d like to get copies of future D*S newspapers, feel free to email us at SUBMISSIONS at designsponge dot com.

5. Where can I get the answers for the crossword puzzle?

You can download them right here!



Tealuxe in Harvard Square
Atomic Bean Cafe
Simon’s Coffee


Funky Monkey
Trashy Diva


Star Provisions
Ann Mashburn and Sid Mashburn


Back in the Day Bakery
The Paris Market
Fabrika Fabrics
One Fish Two Fish


West Elm
Torpedo Factory
Stitch DC


La Diff
Open House (at the shops at 5807)
Can Cann
Need Supply
Chop Suey Books


The Roasterie
Broadway Coffee
Filling Station
Urban Dwellings
one more cup


West Elm
PH Design Shop
Taft St Coffee
Domy Books
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft


West Elm
Jayson Home


Velocity Art & Design
Revival Home & Garden


Artstream Studios


Sword & Fern
Frances May
Ace Hotel
Alder & Co
Modo Boutique
Ink & Peat
Mississippi Records
West Elm


General Store
Curiosity Shoppe
Candystore Collective
HELLO by Candystore Collective
Prairie Collective
Four Barrel
Rare Device
Blue Bottle Coffee on Mint St. (SOMA)
Anthropologie on Market St.
Blue Bottle Coffee in the Ferry Building
Heath Ceramics in the Ferry Building

Issues in Oakland
Local 123 in Berkeley


**please note, these are being delivered friday afternoon**

Anthropologie Beverly Hills

Reform School
OK store
Living Room
LAMILL Coffee Boutique


Frosty Darling
Nobrow Coffee and Tea
Hip and Humble
Kings English


Mod Livin’
Tattered Cover


Boulder Bookstore
8th and Pearl Antiques
Common Era


Urban Flower/Grange Hall
The Pearl Cup
Bows & Arrows
West Elm


West Elm
Room Service
Uptown Modern
Mercury Design Studio
Uncommon Objects


Black Dog coffeeshop
CoCo (a cooperative creative officeshare)

Eastside Coop

MCBA/Open Book


West Elm


Hope and Union
Two Boroughs Larder
Sugar Bakeshop
Elizabeth Stuart Design
Heirloom Book Company
Mac & Murphy


*please note: these will be available by SUNDAY. our local street team queen, blair, will be dropping them off as soon as the storm passes*

Counter Culture Coffee
Ox and
Regulator Bookshop
Scratch Bakery
NCSU Craft Center
Raleigh Denim


Terra Nostra
Battle Cat (373 Haywood Road)


Art in the Age
Art Star
Hello Home
West Elm
Three Potato Four (at their Barn Sale this weekend)



Michele Varian
John Derian (please ask for them behind the counter)
McNally Jackson
Housing Works (Crosby Street)


Red Hook: Foxy & Winston, Baked Bakery

Williamsburg: The Future Perfect, Blue Bottle Coffee, Catbird, Sprout Home, Mollusk Surf Shop, Moon River Chattel, Brook Farm General Store, Bird (Grand Street location), Spoonbill & Sugartown, Golden Calf, Meathook, Oslo Coffee (Roebling and Bedford locations), Gimme Coffee (Lorimer Street location)

Greenpoint: Permanent Records, Alter (Women’s location, Franklin Street), Kill Devil Hill, Raised by Wolves, Van Lleuwyn Ice Cream (Manhattan Avenue), Eastern District

Carroll Gardens: One Girl Cookies

Park Slope: Cog & Pearl, Lion in the Sun, Cafe Regular du Nord, The Tea Lounge

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  • This looks awesome! Bummed that I don’t have access to a paper copy – I would love a digital version.

  • You just finished a ginormous book and then, whipped up a beautiful newspaper — without any previous experience in doing either?? You. Are. Amazing.

  • Hi, How about making the Design Sponge Newspaper available up here in Vancouver BC?
    There are lots of us Canucks who Love U.

  • What a wonderful idea! I, unfortunately, am in a small Florida city. Is there any way to have one mailed?

  • The post I’ve been waiting for all day (fingers crossed)…yes (!) Sprout is a Chicago location. Headed straight there after work…

  • yay for you!!! if i didn’t have to work all weekend I would drive 1 hour up to Asheville to pick one up. (yes I want one that much & Asheville is BANGIN!!)

  • Hi I would be prepared to distribute in Yorkshire (for love not money!) if you go global. I received a copy of the DS sponge book last week awesome all my friends are ordering their copy as we speak!

  • As a newspaper page designer, it’s so nice to see that you’re embracing a dying medium. Looks awesome.

  • Detroit is a city too. My heart breaks that Design Sponge does not recognize this.

    • Aimee

      Please read the FAQ before jumping to such an incorrect conclusion. I put out requests for street team help in Detroit but did not get anyone willing to help distribution.

      There are dozens of cities I couldn’t afford to cover and it doesn’t mean at all that I’m saying they don’t count or aren’t cities. Please understand we are doing the best we can with a limited blog budget- it’s not a personal decision or statement on ANY city’s worth.


  • really jealous that i’m not living in the US now! the newspaper looks awesome <3

  • This is exciting! I’m in Austin and I’ll be heading directly to Anthropologie after work to pick up a copy!

  • I love these! I work at retail store where we always get lovely, nicely designed newsprint papers in to hand out to customers and I’m glad to see another one join the mix.

  • how do i get a copy here in the Netherlands. it look so good.
    pro-bely need to find some one in the usa nice enough to send me one over

  • Congrats!! So exciting! Can’t wait to pick up my copy with a lavender vanilla milkshake in Durham at Ox and Rabbit! (Please update their name to include the “Rabbit”– the couple that owns this place is super-great!)

  • Wow, this is so exciting! Congratulations, it looks fantastic! I’ll have to pop down to Chicago and snag a copy.

  • Hey – I’d like to have one, but i am from europe/germany … is there any possibility to download this some time as a PDF? That would be awesome!

  • i didnt even read the whole post before leaping from my desk and running across the street to pick up a copy. thank you!!!

  • I think this would be great in urban neighborhoods in St. Louis. I would love to help make that happen!

  • Thanks Grace! We just received ours this morning here at Velocity and I’ve already had a ton of calls from people looking for them. I bet we’ll be out in no time!

  • Oh, it so cool! Thanks for having so many places in Richmond to get a copy. I’m gonna grab one before the hurricane makes it to town!

  • The preview looks great! I second or third the suggestion to make PDF downloads available. That would be the most budget friendly distribution method of all.

  • would love to see this in louisville in the future – but online/e-book would be awesome too.

  • Yes a digital version or I could distribute them in my shop in Montreal!?
    Congratulation on this new project, you keep yourself a busy lady!

  • My coworker and I just ran down to Flour in Central Square in Cambridge, MA, only to discover that no one there knew what we were talking about- I think they were all snatched up too quickly!

    Alas. Better luck next time.

  • So awesome! Hoping I can find a copy. I just contacted the OK store in LA (the one on West 3rd Street) since I’ll be in the area for Holly Becker’s book signing (just a couple blocks away) and the store owner told me she didn’t know anything about it. I think she said she’ll be contacting you shortly about it :)

  • Hi there! Leslie H (you had no email address), I’m also in Birmingham. :) Grace, if you need a street team member in Birmingham, AL, I’m happy to do it! I know how busy you are, but just putting it out there. All the best; I think it’s great that you’re doing this, and totally understand why you had to pick some cities and not others! xo

  • Congratulations!!!!! Wish I had a way to see it in person, but I’d LOVE a digital version if you do make one.

  • Congratulations to you Grace and the team at D*S for the continued success. Launching the News Paper is a real milestone. Very proud of you for what you’ve done with D*S and even more proud that I’ve been a part of it through the years. All the best, Wayne Pate

  • Will you be offering a Digital Version? so those of us not us in a city where they are being distributed, or live in a different country can view your wonderful D*S Newspaper???

    {pretty please}

  • What a wonderful idea! SO lovely – I look forward to scooping up one for myself here in Austin!

  • Sounds like a subscription option would be well received if you make it a series! Hope so! Looks great! <3 from Cleveland!

  • Thanks for placing the papers at Tilde, in PDX, they are already almost gone. We love them and so do our customers & friends! Great job – as always. You are amazing.

  • How exciting!! I’m in Dallas and will be stopping by the pearl cup on my way home from work to pick one up for sure!!

  • This looks amazing! Is there any way that you could make it available as a PDF for all of us country mice?

  • Oh what a teaser – the photos look wonderful. We won’t see copies here on Florida’s central west coast so I’ll just have to cross my fingers for a digital version. Pretty please.

  • It would be great if the paper were available anywhere in West Virginia! We’re kind of the forgotten state, which is a shame because you have tons of Design Sponge fans here.

  • went to flour @ central square in cambridge and they claim they never even received them! :(

  • Grace….blog…book tour…..newspaper, oh my! You are a busy girl. So lucky to have you giving us more design sponge L O V E!
    With Gratitude.

  • So jealous of people living in a city where this is distributed! Congrats and best wishes with the newspaper. With all this interest, I can only cross my fingers it’ll make it north of the border (and maybe even out to the Atlantic coast? Total wishful thinking there.)

  • so exciting! you absolutely amaze me with what you get done in a day! goodness! one request though- canada! no book tour or newspapers here. everyone I know in vancouver reads design*sponge! hook us up! other than that, amazing, i’m hoping for the future! xo

  • sorry to be a wet blanket but …. what are you thinking ? newspapers ? all that paper, ink, energy and transport? lovely as i am sure the design will be, i am frankly disappointed at this needless exercise – a digitial version would be just fine AND much more environmentally responsible. hope it becomes a one off collector’s item. i am a big fan but not of this trend. cheers gayle australia.

    • Gayle

      Well, I was thinking it would be fun. I’m one of the old schoolers who still loves, appreciates and prefers print to web. This was a labor of love and so far it’s been well worth it.


  • I picked mine up at the Anthro in Seattle 5 minutes after seeing this post. Saving it to enjoy on a flight later and I am SO excited. Congratulations on a wonderful endeavor. It must have been incredibly fun to work on. Also-any time you need future manpower in Seattle please let me know! I’d love to help.

  • Gayle

    I just want to say that we did think long and hard about this, a chose newspaper because it is one of the more exciting print media to work with because of its size. Our first issue of our newspaper has interactive spreads that people can cut out, hang on their walls, turn into CD covers, fill in the crossword puzzle, etc. Sometimes you just can’t beat the interactive capabilities of a physical object, and our plan is to go forward with the project with that thought always present!

  • Grace i really think we just can’t afford to be “old school” anymore. i really am sorry to be raining on your parade and from years of logging in daily i KNOW your heart is in the right place and you will have done an amazing job with this project but the day you see this beautiful piece of ephemera in the trash bin or stacked with lots more wastepaper i think you will understand where i am coming from. don’t get me wrong, if i came across one today i am sure i would pounce and my heart would leap with excitement BUT in a week, a month i would be thinking ” what do i do with this?”

  • I need it… somebody please send me a copy to Costa Rica, I will pay the stamps…

  • hehehe.. I just have an idea, somebody send me a copy, and I will send back a bag of the best Costarican coffee… ;) who said ME!

    • hi guys

      please read the full post above, including the FAQs. the goal of this was to do a limited edition print run- something different than what we do digitally every day. that said, we may release a digital version of this since everyone’s been so great about wanting to check it out. stay tuned for details on that next week.


  • Move over Oprah and Mr Murdoch. We have a new media empress in town. This is amazing!

    As a paper person myself, I can just imagine the smiles on your faces when the first boxes of actual, printed, pieces arrived. I hope it feels good. Because it sure looks good!

    Here is to another beautifully executed, thoughtful project for you and your team, Grace. Wait. I feel like I just wrote that same thing only a few weeks ago….

    • thanks susy

      glad to see you get what we were going for. it’s so nice to do something REAL and physical and printed. it’s so different and such a great experiment after being trapped behind this laptop for 7 years ;)


  • if your newspaper ever makes it to Perth Western Australia (ha-ha!) I am more than happy to play paper girl for you…

  • I think this is a great idea, and the preview looks beautiful! I totally get what you were going for doing something that wasn’t focused online (until recently, all of design sponge was focused in that way, so I get the need for a change of pace – plus I’m a print diehard, too).

    That said, I’m still hoping the reader response is overwhelming enough to warrant some sort of online copy or even physical copies that we could buy. I live in Canada like others have said, so it’ll be my only chance to see it all.

    I hope you continue to offer these, too! Awesome idea, Grace!

  • sorry Grace our posts overlapped. happy to agree and congratulations on what is obviously a big time love project for you. BTW my thoughts are with everyone on the east coast – after the biggest cyclone ever to land in australia this year ( and almost in my backyard) my heart is with you all.

  • I love it(!) and fully understand the idea behind it. I agree, sometimes it is great to have the pages at hand that can be used on inspiration boards, walls, etc. I get where you’re coming from, and the excitement. Sometimes, nothing beats print, and I too am a sucker for them! Love flipping pages through my fingers, and it’s always nice to get a break from the screen. Congratulations and so can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy!! xoxo

  • Hi! Do you know which Patina location in Minneapolis will have it and when? I seriously just biked around the twin cities looking! I’m so excited to get a copy!!

  • wow…you go girl…you’ve been busy to say the least.

    being stuck on a rock in the middle of the pacific, it’s highly unlikely your lovely paper will ever grace my shores (sigh, we’re always the last to get everything here) so please please please consider a digital version…

    because this beginner stand up paddler but long time expert beach chick NEEDS a dip dyed towel…badly (even though I didn’t need one…hmmm when was it? oh yeah yesterday)

  • I am so excited to see that you could include Boulder. I am looking forward to reading my copy! Thank you and congrats.

  • picked one up at ink and peat in portland, always lovely to have a reason to “need” to drop by there. as a designer, i can’t express how much i love newsprint! i’ve used this format before and am always happy with the results. also – was thrilled to see my patio chairs on the IBC by that gorgeous pool! congrats, it’s a lovely evolution for what you guys do –

    – and speaking of all you do, see you at the book launch in pdx!

  • @Donaville Both OK stores in Los Angeles now have the paper. I spoke to the manager at the West Third location shortly after you called, and she was excited about all the interest. If you stop by tomorrow I’m sure they’ll have one.

  • DENVER-You need to get to the Tattered Cover right now and get a copy of the newspaper, love it!!! There are copies left but Im sure will be out soon if not tomorrow, the best printed work from Design Sponge so far, till the book is out next week! Yeah!

    Great first issue, hope that we get more soon!

  • Ha….this is GREAT and I love that you are creating a newspaper. I am so old skool in this respect too. I recently picked up a copy of a newspaper style supplement for a recent Design Festival in Melbourne, Aus and I have already snipped and ripped out bits and pieces that interest me. I am so keen to get a copy I have enlisted my buddy in Brooklyn to track a copy down….hopefully they have not all been snapped up.

  • I am in Mexico…BUT my brother lives in Seattle!!! He’ll get me a copy….can’t wait!! yay!

  • D*S, What a great idea. I can’t believe how many people are raining on your parade! I am not one of the fortunate people in one of the chosen cities, but i’m not going to complain! I’m proud of you for doing something so risky. Congratulations! I still can’t wait for the book to arrive at my door. What I want to know is, where do you find the time?

  • So happy for you!!! Wish it was in my city, but completely understand. I’m just going to have a friend in one of the cities listed try to pick me up a copy! If you do decide on a digital version then, ” Hurray!!” Either way, congrats on an exciting endeavor!

  • Grace I LOVE this project!! I am hoping it gets bigger! I’m hoping I can get my hands on one of these. I didn’t think yazoo city Mississippi would make the list this time! ;) I hope you have great success with this issue!!! GO design sponge team!!!! -Kate

  • Congratulations, another great initiative! I’ll be looking forward to the digital version if there’s one. Have a great weekend!

  • I am a newcomer to your site and just love it. However, I am not able to get to the nearest town that you have as a drop point. Is it possible to have it mailed and pay for the postage. I live in a small town outside of Raleigh, NC. I am more than happy to pay for postage for two copies – if possible.

  • SO happy to see that you included the Torpedo Factory on your DC distribution list! Who is your contact there? I’m a studio artist there, currently living in Germany, so I’d like to thank whoever thought of the TF as an awesome distribution channel. Nice when two of my favorite things come together.

  • Please, please, please send me a copy down under in Australia! I love you guys. I’ll pay postage..promise

  • I think the whole paper v’s digital thing is a bit of an odd point… newspapers are printed in their millions worldwide everyday. That may be in decline but people still seem to enjoy reading paper in front of them rather than on a screen. I certainly know I do. I would like to hope people that read the design sponge newspaper would recycle their copy if needs be, or if they are a paper freak like me they would keep a hold of it forever. A trait I get from my grandfather. Alas… being in the UK I will not get a copy… this time!

    Can I request you have one printed again in the 1st 3 weeks of May next year when I will be in California for my wedding/honeymoon? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

  • Love, love, love your new project! And if you ever decide to ship some over to Switzerland, let me know! There are a couple of lovely stores that would be delighted to carry your paper… ;)

  • I am beyond sad at the moment that I dont live in the USA….sitting in rainy Donegal, Ireland reading all the posts about the newspaper. It looks amazing! Just have to wait for the book. Congrats Grace, I have been subscribing to Design* Sponge now for over a year and nearly leap out of my seat when I get a new post.
    Your hard work and vision is truly inspiring!

  • The environmental impact of your computer is as great as that of a newspaper, even if you can’t see it. Good for DS for making something physical and beautiful. I love it.

  • Westchester County, NY in the house…..would love copies. A digital version would make me very happy!

  • PLEASE ….. do a digital copy for those of us in the boonies???? This looks awesome and I look forward to your posts every single day!
    Fort Smith, AR

  • Perhaps those who get a copy can return it to the store for someone else to enjoy. I bet there won’t be too many people throwing them away. ;)

  • Please consider distribution in Miami, Fl for the future. There is a growing art scene here and many people willing to help distribute, including myself. I’m a big fan of Design Sponge and just want to say congrats!

  • I say bring on the newspapers! It looks beautiful and I for one will be reusing the paper for wrapping a present, protecting my floor from paint drips and making paper hats for my kids. Haven’t seen any Chicago book tour dates yet but if you do make it here, we should have a pre or post party at The Hideout……we’ll take care of you (and we are right down the street from West Elm ;)!

  • It looks awesome! I would like a copy but I’m in Barcelona, Spain. Ohhh! Maybe a digital edition? By the way, congratulations for the newspaper!

  • Thanks for rocking the print format. To have and to hold the book and the newspaper, those are to be coveted.

  • This is so awesome! I’m excited to pick up my copy in Durham next week *and* to see you all in the area later on!

  • Don’t forget us in Cincinnati, the “Queen City” and a great town for the arts!

  • This is very exciting! I have called three of the D.C. locations and they don’t have it or know what I’m talking about. Are they supposed to be available this Saturday? I’ll track one down someone. Congrats!

  • A friend just went to Flour in Boston/South End to grab one for me and he said,
    “I just went in the flour to pick this up….they looked at me like i had four heads when i asked for it….are you on drugs buddy? What the hell are you talking about?”.

    Really bummed out.

  • i’m from mexico!!! but i will be so glad if you guys distributed in san diego :D!!!
    anyway i will wait for the online version :) congrats!! i♥design sponge!

  • The newspaper looks gorgeous! How unfortunate that Hawai`i can’t be on the book tour or a part of this great give-away!

  • I was so excited when I saw that Pod (Boston) had copies, since I live just down the street- I rushed over for a copy as soon as I saw it- imagine my disappointment when they said that the last copy had just walked out the store. I saw it in the woman’s hand- SO PAINFULLY CLOSE! Congratulations, Grace- don’t let anyone rain on your parade. I am sure it was beautiful and look forward to reading the digital copy if you choose to make it available online. I’ll tell you this- the shop owner said that people have been coming in constantly for it- you’re a smash hit! :) Congratulations!

  • Someone way at the top suggested an online newsletter. Being someone who doesn’t want to use limited resources unnecessarily kill trees (although I understand the “limited edition-ness” of it) I love the idea of a digital copy – can we download one, are can you send out a copy to a ListServ?

  • Please ask your Houston friend to bring some to Blue Willow Bookshop. We would love to distribute them. Still using my measuring tape from BEA! And the book is beautiful. My copy is on my reading table at home.

  • Grace, what an amazing idea (yeah, another paper person in the house)! Hopefully, it will be such a success you’ll decide to distribute internationally – I’ll be the first Israeli to pick up a copy:) xo

  • Expressing that we would love to see the paper in digital form or in other cities is not raining on Grace’s parade, quite the contrary…we are merely expressing how excited we are for her and hope the distribution grows.

    It’s a compliment…

    • tania

      i think she was referencing the people who were upset i chose to print something (environmental impact) versus doing it online.


  • Mazel Tov on a creation that brought you change and pleasure in addition to the pleasure it is bringing others. What a great, and novel, way to mix it up a bit and to shake out the daily do (s) in life. The peeks here look beautifully executed of course, you never do anything less.
    I’ll be watching with hopes that a digital does come out, but if it doesn’t, I still think it’s super!

  • Thanks, Grace! I picked up a copy at West Elm in D.C.. It’s a wonderful read and perfect for a rainy Saturday. Well done!

  • looks lovely – would love to view a digital copy if & when you decide that this fits into your work plan (I’m sure this takes an enormous amount of planning & a team of staff to put together a newspaper). The closest location is 4 hours south or north of me, so I have to admire this newspaper from this blog.
    while I consider myself environmentally conscientious, I do enjoy (save, share, & recycle) my used copies of newspapers, magazines & zines… I love the smell of the paper, the crispness of the colors, and the ability to revisit my “print love-lies” time after time. And, I have to say, it’s pretty difficult to carry a computer into a store to look for a color, supplies, or fabric that’s the inspiration for my new creative endeavor.

  • Hooray and congrats! It looks so exciting! Thanks for including KC…we love you guys…now if I can beat the rush and get a paper…!

  • Such a wonderful idea! I love my laptop but there’s nothing like holding something in your hand and a newspaper as opposed to a magazine is a lovely change. Next stop London, UK pretty please!! :)

  • Yay! I just picked mine up from Prairie Collective and it looks absolutely beautiful! The home tours are stunning in print form. It’s bit of happiness after getting shut out of the SF book tour signing :(

    Great job, D*S!

  • I am contemplating trekking out in the hurricane for the design sponge newspaper! I LOVE the site and I need the newspaper…and the book. first stop post deluge: McNally Jackson books!

  • This is so cool! Picked up a copy from my favorite coffee shop, Crema, and then later that day was reading a BH&G article that featured Design Sponge! Welcome to Nashville! :)

  • Congratulations! I feel very lucky to have picked one up in Berkeley at Local 123. Have downloaded the playlist, & am about to read & enjoy. Happy Saturday!

  • Nice work on the newpaper! As an art director of a print magazine and lover of ephemeral design I would just like to say there is still a huge place in the world for print design and its lovely to see creators/editors like yourselves experimenting with crossing mediums to share your thoughts. Your industriousness is eternally inspiring.

  • I think this is the Best thing to bring into the design world–such a traditional way to keep print alive! I love it. I might walk down to Hello Home in the downpour just to grab one…I might have to wait until Monday, though. Can’t wait for future issues!

  • Evacuated because of the hurricane, so I can’t pick one up :( Please, please release a digital version!!

  • I haven’t even been able to get a copy, but if this became a regular thing I would certainly subscribe!

  • Am dying to know where you got the newspaper printed, it seems they did a wonderful job. Have not heard you mention them yet!

  • Great! I would subscribe too! And like Leslie said, I thought there was a street team here in Birmingham… but if you guys send out more copies or put out a second one, I’d be more than willing.

  • Hi everyone! I was lucky enough to snag a copy from One Girl Cookie in Brooklyn before Irene hit. It’s been read, loved and enjoyed, and I’m ready to GIVE it to someone else. Will be happy to mail it somewhere. Email me at iwantadesignspongenewspaper at gmail.com and tell me why you want it!

  • I am sooo excited…I phone 2 places in Nashville, TN and my 2nd choice, the mgr Kuntal at Fido was gracious enough to save one in his office. I am sending a mailer for hime tomail the D*S to me!! Yippee!

    So sorry there has been some negative feedback for this huge endeavor! I can’t wait to get the D*S !

  • ACK! I didn’t know, AND I was in Boston/Cambridge yesterday. Argh. Now I’ll have to sit here in Michigan and keep my fingers crossed for a digital version….

  • I picked up a couple this morning in N Portland, and they are going fast!
    They look awesome- can’t wait for the next issues.

  • And I was just in Charleston, S.C. YESTERDAY! So disappointed I didn’t read the announcement till I got home…. just one more thing to blame on Hurricane Irene.

  • I would love to get a copy. Newspapers are something that’s definitely better printed. Anyway guess I’m a lonely sponger in San Juan. Great job!!!

  • Looks gorgeous!! I’m hoping that Irene coming means there will still be some left in Brooklyn on Monday for me to go grab:) Love that when you have a creative idea, you actually act on it and make it happen!! It’s a good and rare trait;)

  • Would love to see a digital version. Out on the East End of LI and the city is 3 hours away. Congratulations!!! It looks incredible.

  • hi grace,
    i picked up a copy at anthropologie in sf, however i thought the newspaper would be lying out in the store perhaps near the cash registers. I walked around a bit looking for it, but then ended up asking a SA about it. It turns out they did have copies but they are in a closet near the cash registers. It basically means you’d have to know about the newspaper and ask for it personally. I just thought you should know. I don’t really know what anthro’s policy is about the paper or why it is sort of hidden away and i didn’t want to jump to too many conclusions!

  • Looks amazing – would love to see a digital version or would be willing to help distribute in Orange County CA.

  • I went to Local 123 in Berkeley today and picked up a copy- it was a great afternoon to try a new coffee shop and appreciate your lovely newspaper. Thank you!!

  • It looks great! I am so impressed! I would love to read a digital version if you chose to!

  • Sorry, going to have agree with the naysayers – print, in this day and age? Its a wasteful indulgence. Develop a digital version, I’ll sign up, but I won’t ever encourage a business to go into print. Im buying all my magazines digitally now.

  • I live in a small arts community along the Delaware River. I would love to help distribute the newspaper here and in the little towns along the river. There are many artists and crafters in residence here and I know everyone would love to see and share ideas.

  • Two votes for a digital copy! {And perhaps a real one sent to my house! :) } I love everything about this website- so receiving anything from here would certainly be a cherished treasure!

  • What an awesome project! i’m a new portland transplant, so yesterday’s adventure was to find alder and co, get a copy, browse and shop a little bit and then relax with the designsponge newspaper. it’s been so long since i’ve read anything for pleasure off of a screen, and just the act of flipping through paper gave me a last little gasp of summertime relaxation before fall obligations close in. Thanks!

    • jeannine

      thanks so much- that story made my day. that was exactly what we were hoping- that people would have a different experience with d*s- something that involved discovering something in person and having a more tactile real-life experience.


  • Once Irene leaves the area I will be out searching for your fabulous new newspaper.
    Congrats to you on this!

  • I work in publishing and absolutely LOVE the fact that your team is embracing so many kinds of media. Now for a question: do you know if the newspaper arrived to any of the Minneapolis stores you listed above? I tried a Turtle Bread Co, a Patina store, Spyhouse, and Barbette with no luck! Thanks

  • I am from San Jose, CA and was visiting Portland, OR. I saw this at a cute boutique and was estatic! Congratulations! This has become a prized possession and I can’t wait for the future of Design Sponge!

  • I’ve love to get my hands on a copy of the newspaper but we’re way out in rural VA so hoping you do a digital version. The samples in your post look great… it’s so hard to find high quality printed publications with such a lovely aesthetic!

  • Most. Geeked. Ever. I “placed an order” with my sister in Dallas to send one (if there are any left), stat. So so excited for everything you’re doing Grace and D*S Team; as always, thank you for all of the inspiration!

  • Annie,

    When I dropped the papers off at Anthropologie in SF they were right by the door. They may have moved them to prevent people from taking the whole stack? Or they may have decided to hide them away for other reasons. Not sure. But there are tons of other SF locations as well, so for any of you in the are who have no luck there, try Blue Bottle on Mint or in the Ferry Building, or one of the other SF spots. Good luck!

    Jackie – I’m so glad! I LOVE Local 123, and was so excited to hear you tried it out. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen, which is that a few people in the coffee shops would discover us, and a few of us would discover a new coffee shop! It’s another great aspect of doing something tangible, and it’s been so incredibly fun to see :)

    Which is yet ANOTHER reason not to give up on physical printed media just yet! The system is broken, but it’s not a lost cause in my opinion. Like all things, it just needs to be approached in a thoughtful, responsible way. Ink and paper is not wasteful when it’s bringing creative people together like this. I’m proud of print!

  • Hi Grace & Team! Just drove all over downtown Durham, NC looking for a copy post-storm, and no one I visited (Scratch, Regulator, Counter Culture, Ox & Rabbit) seems to have received it nor heard word of it. Ox & Rabbit are huge fans of yours, and are now SO excited to get it whenever it drops, though. Do you have an ETA or update for the Raleigh Durham area? I’ll drive anywhere!

  • Free Press for the home lover? From a fav blogger? What a brilliant idea!
    Wishing you the very best in your endeavour.
    Could someone please post one to me in Greece?

  • Ooooooh I want one! Grace! I am in to be your swiss team! Congratulations for the newspaper version and as we say in French : Longue vie to Design Sponge!

  • Stopped by the Filling Station in KC. They hadn’t heard of the publication, yet they’re directly linked. What’s up with that?

  • Back in the days when Wallpaper magazine was run by Tyler Brule l would covet every copy, and despite not having ample space in my studio, l still have every copy l purchased. To the person who said that the Design Sponge paper would just end up in the trash, l beg to differ. There are some of us that have a reference library and hang onto good publications. If you love Grace’s website then how could you not love her paper? Not everything needs to be digital to be appreciated. I hope the day comes when l can go to Indigo / Chapters and find a copy every month.

  • I want one! Please! Hope you’re able to distribute more widely somehow. Congratulations! Melissa outside San Diego, CA

  • So happy to make a trip to General Store and then sit at my eensy kitchen island, slowly flipping the pages and soaking in the inspiration — not to mention the SF love! Congrats on a beautiful job, ladies. It’s like a little love note to summer.

  • Hi Grace, I would so love to grab a copy but I’m all the way from Singapore. Please do consider releasing a digital version for this and hopefully in the future, make this good quality print available for your overseas fans. :) Great stuff!

  • My brother is holidaying in the States at the moment buthe’s not really a Design*Sponge type – I doubt he will be able to find one for me!

    I need to make friends with an American who can mail me all these cool things!

  • Living in Edinburgh on the other side of the pond pretty much rules me out of being able to get my hands on a hard copy :-( although if and when you do go digital I’d LOVE a copy.

  • Beautiful!! I’m craving holding this in my hands! Fingers crossed Montreal can be added to the list next time :)

  • Will this charge up the newspaper production? or replace the typical magazine? DS makes a statement….yet again :) We need them in Henderson, Ky/ Owensboro, Ky/Evansville, In area!! Need a distributor? Let’s talk!

    • kathleen

      we’re looking into a regular mailing/distribution source (like with a normal newspaper). we’ll keep you guys updated :)


  • Congratulations! I would love to have a copy (not available in Ottawa), please do a digital copy and/or add us to the list next time (there will be a next time, right?). In any case, since the demise of Domino there is nothing even close on the market…your newspaper would fill the gap in the best, possible way…

  • i got this two days ago in austin at room service! i got the second to last one, i was so excited! i really love how it turned out. it’s lovely!

  • I got my copy on Saturday, I went to 3 stores before I found it. So, I think it might have been be the last one in LA). Grace has written that she will have the whole thing up online next week, however… I have finished reading it and will gladly mail it to the first person who emails me with an address handprintinconcrete at yahoo dot com.

  • No! There is Ohio location! And I used to be an intern at Artstream in New Hampshire! Just my luck!

  • Felicidades! Congratulations!
    Soy española y me encanta design sponge. I´m spanish and I love design sponge.
    Por favor, me gustaría ver la versión digital. I would like to see the digital version, please.
    Muchas gracias! Thank you very much!

  • WOW!!! HELP!!! our uncommon customers at Uncommon Objects in Austin love what you do! We ran out of papers very quickly and are getting calls every day. Can we get more? THANK YOU!

    • mary

      i’m not sure, i’d give them a ring to doublecheck before heading out. moss got the largest chunk, so i’d try there ;)


  • I saw the paper when browsing at Rare Device and was very surprised (blog -> newspaper, huh). Picked up a copy and was very impressed. Nice work!

  • I know for a fact that Frances May in Portland has a nice little stack as I was in there yesterday afternoon and grabbed one. I had seen the tweets and recognized the edge of the design under a stack of outgoing boxes through the window on my way out. I ran back in and asked the girl (who at the time didn’t know about them) if they were the DS paper and she moved the boxes to reveal them! She made a point to not cover them and actually grabbed one to read herself at the counter!

    If you are on Portland, head down there (Frances May)… it’s GORGEOUS and I truly appreciate the newsprint and tactility of the project. Thanks for putting out such a beautiful piece Grace!

  • This sounds awesome!! congrats! Won’t be able to get it here in Indianapolis this time though, but if for future editions/ projects you need a street team here in Indiana I will b so happy to help

  • This is really disturbing. What an incredible waste of paper and trees. Recycled content, soy inks, whatever. The amount of materials and energy required to print something that’s going to be thrown away quickly is just heartbreaking. I really expected much more from a website like this. You are really letting your new book release and growing exposure take over. This is starting to feeling like selfish ambition. Clearly you’re doing this as a first step toward a print magazine. But why is that necessary? What will this be accomplishing for you and your readers? I’m so very sad about this and feel like one of my favorite websites has become yet another sellout. That first image of all that wasted paper on the the huge forklift just won’t leave me alone. :(

    • carla

      your feelings about the environmental impacts of these print projects aside, i can assure you “selling out” is the last thing i’m doing with these projects. i produced both of these projects at a great financial loss for us (the newspaper was free and the i went deep into my own pockets to finish the book).

      what were we hoping to accomplish? bringing great content to the people we care about- our readers. nothing more, nothing less. if you don’t see that then i don’t think you understand what we’re doing at d*s. and no, we’re not working towards a print magazine.


  • Don’t forget sweet home Alabama! (someone may have already said that) but if people don’t know about design sponge down here, they should.. and I would be happy to be your ROYAL AMBASSADOR :) Kudos to you! I’ll be in Dallas soon, maybe I’ll find a copy there. :D

  • I’ve perused a lot of the comments and I just have to add one myself. I think the newspaper idea is great. I’ve been a design sponge fan for a few years now and I am somewhat offended that some folks out there feel it necessary to lecture on the environment. Seriously? Like we all don’t know about it. Why can’t we just appreciate instead of always criticizing? I hope to get a copy here in Portland and I can’t wait for my book to come in the mail. Grace-good for you, doing something you are passionate about. Keep it coming girl!

  • Congratulations on your successful offshoot! Would love to see the newspaper in Toronto, if travelling across the border isn’t too tricky. Or, I could help source a local printer to do the job!

  • Am very happy to hear a digital version will be released, just checked out 3 locations in the Kansas City area and came up empty handed. Congratulations on the positive turnout!

  • Please make a digital copy available for readers/fans who don’t live in any of the cities above!!

  • Just got the last copy from Plastica in LA. They were so helpful. I emailed them to see if they can add a copy of the newspaper to my online order since I live two hours away and they did. Can’t wait to see it. Cheers to another great endeavor for you and your team.

  • Madison Wisconsin loveslovesloves you. I will be your papergirl if you will have have have me!
    Grace, you rock! Madison needs more cool design/inspiration from just the likes of you! LOVE YOU.

  • Can’t wait to see this! I went to McNally Jackson yesterday and they said they didn’t get them yet. I guess I’ll try calling the other locations in NYC to see if they still have them. Thanks!

    • Hi Trina – I dropped them off at the front in the newspaper stand. Perhaps they are all gone. Mollusk in Williamsburg also got a big stack.

  • If anyone wants to send me their copy when they are done with it, I would love to recycle it for them! I’m a mail artist and I can certainly find interesting ways to use copies that people no longer want. I will reply with the shippping cost to the first person that send one. (I really, really, really want one.)

    PO Box 1356
    Dublin, OH 43215

    I believe he answer to the environmental conversation is REUSE — there are lots of people that don’t live in theis cities but would like to have one. Pass it on!

  • PLEASE release a digital version (or preferably paper!) for those of is in the UK. Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssee

  • So close, but so far…I’m in between Seattle & Portland. The preview looks great & I hope this project is a great success & sees lots of expansion! (I think the recycling idea is a great thought, too. Maybe those who don’t want to keep their copy can drop it back off where they picked it up, for others to read? Just one thought…) I hope to see this project continue. Congratulations on the book & the newspaper!

  • Hey Grace!

    I do not normally read your blog but I thought I should take the time to pop-in and say:


    Lovely publication, lovely effort, very generous of you both money and time-wise. Do not take the negative remarks made in some of these comments to heart. Your newspaper is very environmentally friendly since, as I suspect, not a single copy will end up anywhere near a paper bin! It will adorn bookshelves and coffee tables across America for years to come.

    I do hope you will release an electronic version for us Europeans.

    Regards… Keep up the good work, do not listen to the “critics”.

  • hi! was without my computer last week but cycled straight to Sprout in Chicago today when I read they had your paper! was so happy to see there were a couple left. so fun! congrats! and keep up the amazing work, you make my brighter every time i read your blog.

  • As a former print designer and newspaper employee, it makes me so happy to see this. Thanks for proving that newspapers are still relevant and very much in demand.

    Print is not dead!

  • Whoo hoo- can’t wait for the digital edition! I’ll be anxiously awaiting its release..

  • I am quite sad that I checked in so late this week, and missed out on the newspaper excitement. If the experience of this one off project was satisfying, then please do continue on to more editions. Just image if each cover/back because a mosiac wall poster! I certainly hang onto beautiful printed objects, nothing wasted here.

  • I’d really love to have one! When you come to the UK for your tour could you bring some with you?! Us UK D*S fans would love to get our paws on a copy! Failing that I’ll have to beg a friend in the US to hunt one down!

    Until the day comes I will just stroke my new copy of Design Sponge at home! Which is the best book I’ve bought all year!!! Thank you Grace!

    • wendy

      im afraid we’re all out of copies but we’ll be releasing it digitally next week.

      thanks so much for your kind words about the book, and thanks so much again for buying it :)


  • Congratulations. Wish I could get a copy here in Vancouver, BC. I’ll wait for the digital.

  • I wish you would have given your readers a chance to buy one first and then distributed what was left….I would rather have had a paper copy than digital…..and, it would have been nice to have kept it with the book. Bummer! :(

    • donna

      i’m afraid as a 2 person operation here in nyc we can’t afford to mail them out to everyone. with a book tour starting in a week we don’t have the manpower to mail out individual copies. sorry :(


  • Just ordered my copy of the book and can’t wait for the digital version of the newspaper! Living in a small town in MS means having to get creative when it comes to design, but thankfully this site always provides tons of inspiration. My sincere thanks and hope for your continued success, y’all rock!

  • It looks fantastic! I love the I would love it if you would come to Orlando. Crossing finders for digital copy

  • Waaaaaa…I drove and drove to get to Berkeley and Local 123 to pick up a copy….they didn’t have any and didn’t know what I was talking about even…Grace, can we order them online???? Thanks!

  • That’s amazing! But unfortunatelly I’m from Germany, so I’ll hope for the digital version or for a newspaper in Germany eventually :)

  • wow, have you touched a nerve or what. I love DS, have pre-ordered the book, would have run to any place in Buffalo that might have had it (I know, I know, not on the list), will be very interested in the digital coming out this week but would LOVE a real, paper and ink, version mailed to me from time to time. Am NOT averse to real print, am very much in favor of you making a living giving us all something we clearly value. tell me where to sign up and how paypal.

  • My city (Santa Barbara) isn’t receiving copies of the newsletter, but my hometown (Kansas City) has several sites listed as having them. I’d like to have my mom (who lives in KC) pick one up for me and mail it, but I’ve called both Roasterie locations, and they’re out. The Broadway Cafe said they never received their copies. Is there any way these places could be restocked, or if you could seriously consider converting the newsletter to a PDF and making it accessible on your site? We’ve really tried to get a copy of it the “traditional” way, and it’s not working! Thanks!

  • Ok, I just saw you’re publishing a digital version (yay!), so I guess I should’ve skimmed the comments before posting mine.

    I see a lot of upset people commenting on why there shouldn’t be paper copies, etc. I work in publishing, and I really don’t think printing is impacting the environment nearly as much as people might think. It may be printed on recycled paper (many newspapers are), and you can recycle the newsletter when you are done with it (or save it). This seems to be a one-time thing, and the real problem with paper waste etc. primarily comes from large corporations and dailies.

  • Hello! all the way from Australia! Can you PLEASE do a digital version for all of us on the other side of the world. Ta muchly. Looks fab!

  • Can’t wait to have a look at your digital version. Being all the way in Malaysia, I have near zero hope of getting a hard copy myself at the moment. =)

  • I’m in Montreal (Canada) and I can’t wait for my book to arrive to me… and thank you soooo much for including a digital version because I don’t think I can find a hard copy anywhere here… CONGRATS!

  • hi- i love this idea! I tired to download the digital version but all i got was a 45 MB crossword… am i doing something wrong?

  • Hey guys! This is amazing ~ one question though – WHERE did you get it printed ? I need exactly printing on newsprint and can’t find a proper place in NYC – I’d so appreciate a tip from you :)

  • Paid $5.00 + $1.00 shipping for Newspaper – ordered June 29, 2012. Still have not received, but the $6.00 was deducted from my bank account.