DIY Vintage Scarf Curtains Project

by Grace Bonney

Project: Vintage Scarf Curtains
Creator: Kate Pruitt
Location: Oakland, CA
Cost: $50
Time taken on project: 4 hours
Difficulty Level (1 to 3): 2

1. 12 vintage scarves (24″ square. scarves can be silk, cotton, or synthetic fabrics)
2. 2 vintage scarfs ( 20″ square or larger)
2. sewing machine and thread
3. pins
4. scissors
5. iron
6. tape measure

note: these materials make two curtains that are 47.5″ wide and at least 75″ long (depending on the height of the hanging loops)

1. Iron and clean all 24″ scarves and lay them out to configure your design. Create two panels of six scarves, three rows of two scarves each.

2. When you have your final layout, flip all scarves over and pin the left three scarves together to make a vertical panel that is half the width of a full curtain. Overlap the scarves’ edges and pin 1/4″ down from the edge. Do the same thing with the right three scarves to make the second half of the first curtain.

3. Sew along all pinned seams, working carefully to avoid snagging the delicate fabric (most scarves are silk or silk-like). You now have two vertical panels sewn. Pin these two vertical panels together in the center, again overlapping by 1/4″.

4. Sew down the center to create the center seam. Cut any loose threads. You now have one full curtain (without the hanging loops).

5. Repeat steps two through four to create your second curtain. Set those aside for now.

6. Take the two remaining vintage scarves and use your measuring tape and scissors to cut them into 3″ strips. You need at least 6 strips for each curtain (12 total). If your scarf is at least 20″ wide you should have a couple inches extra.

7. Take each strip and fold 1.2″ of the fabric in on either side towards the center of the back and iron it down. These will become the 2″ wide hanging loops for your curtain.

8. Sew down each side of the strip to hem them.

9. Cut each of these strips in half, and fold each of those pieces in half again to create loops. These loops should be at least 5″ tall and 2″ wide.

10. Pin these loops to the back of your curtains along the top edge. Begin with one loop on either end and space the remaining 10 loops them evenly in between. Repeat with both curtains.

10. Sew each loop in place and trim any excess of the loop fabric from below the sew line. Remove any loose threads. Repeat with both curtains.

11. You curtains are now complete! Iron down the hems and any wrinkles. If you are hanging these curtains in front of window that receives full sunlight for extended periods of time, you should place curtains liners behind these, as the scarf fabric may fade in bright sun.

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