before and after

before & after: dining room makeover

by Kate Pruitt

I’ve always wanted an actual dining room, but its never quite come to fruition yet. I’m in love with the idea of turning a random room into a fresh, beautiful dining space with a small table and floating shelving, just like Sibylle has done here. The space cost her next to nothing; just some elbow grease and creative planning. The DIY mason jar chandelier is pretty cool, and the hanging chairs are a perfect way to maximize space. Great job, Sibylle! —Kate

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Read more about Sibylle’s dining room makeover after the jump!

Time: 1 day

Cost: $3 for hardware (everything else was on hand)

Basic Steps: First we painted the walls, cut the wood for the window bar and painted them. I previously made a chandelier out of an old pulley I wanted to hang above the table. We just placed the already existing furniture, used an ikea desk as a dining table, because it was much more narrow than our old table, hang the mirror and decorated with fleamarket finds (candle holder and folding chairs) I once purchased.

My advice is don’t get unmotivated because you have a small space! You can do anything, just put your mind to it! There is tons of inspiration on the web, soak it all in and come up with your own unique space! —Sibylle

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