two sarahs

by Grace Bonney

At the Mississippi Ave. Street Fair this weekend, I picked up a sweet Oregon-themed print from Sarah Landwehr of Two Sarahs. She was sharing a booth with the lovely Lark Press team, and I was instantly smitten with her series depicting animals and humans facing each other.

I’ve always been someone who bonds more easily with animals than people (I’m still amazed that I haven’t given in and rescued a few dozen animals), so I love artwork and imagery that focuses on the interaction between the two. These particular pieces emphasize the eyes, and they make me want to write a story about the pair and what their friendship or interaction is all about. Let’s just say that if they’d had one with a girl and a cat, it would have come home with me in a heartbeat.

Sarah has a beautiful collection of work right here on Etsy, which will start shipping when she’s back in town on July 19th. xo, grace

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  • YAY! How fun to see my dear, talented friend featured here. I’m a huge fan of her work and am thrilled to read you are too. (sending you love from nyc Sarah!) *angie

  • Ooh! Going to Portland to pick one of those “I’m so glad” prints right up. It’s my fiance’s birthday on Sunday and we’re moving to Seattle next Wednesday, but we met and spent our first four years here in Oregon. A gorgeous and sweet tribute! Thanks for posting.

  • My husband and I purchased “Lana and the Tiger” while visiting family in Portland a couple years ago. We both felt like we had to have it in our home. One year later our daughter, Dara, was born. Her favorite stuffed animal, the one that she keeps with her always, is a tiger. We often tell her that the art is actually a picture of her and her tiger and in a way I think maybe it is. It was a beautiful omen.

  • I just moved to Portland and was at the Mississippi Ave. street fair, too! How could I have missed these! Possibly the loads of people at the fair :) Thanks for sharing! I hope you’re enjoying your time here in Portland. It is an amazing city that I am so thankful I live in now!

  • wow. I found sarah’s etsy site just randomly today and I really love that print too. and I just came back from a little trip to portland and ended up at the lark store and bought a tote bag. what a coincident!