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make it yours: lauren naimola

by Lauren

Lauren Naimola is the woman behind Dear Golden, a favorite Etsy shop for vintage clothing. Lauren has a great eye for vintage, which is very apparent in her home. She is always on the lookout at estate sales, antique malls and thrift stores. When decorating her house, Lauren loves a naturalistic and rustic aesthetic; she enjoys mixing pretty with unpretty, and comfort is always on her mind. I adore Lauren’s charming home! Click here to view the original sneak peak. — Lauren

Palette 1 (Bedroom)
A. Golden Promise (Valspar), PMS 122; B. Rain Washed (Behr), PMS 643; C. Pale Cornelian (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 7416; D. Fresh Pink (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 176; E. Lava (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 5405

Roundup 1 (Bedroom)
1. Vintage 1950s Lace Dress, $138; 2. Satin Padded Hangers, $5; 3. Vintage Swimsuit Ad, $9; 4. Summer Patchwork Pillow, $60; 5. Marigold Bed, $998+; 6. Rosa Valley Blanket, $208+

The second roundup continues after the jump!

Palette 2 (Living Room)
A. Honeysuckle (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 7506; B. Orient Blush (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 1565; C. Mincemeat (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 175; D. Mandarin Orange (Benjamin Moore), PMS 137; E. Vast Sky (Sherwin-Williams), PMS 543

Roundup 2 (Living Room)
1. Ombré Pillow, $62; 2. Ceramic Owl Tea Candle Holder, $17; 3. Vintage Pottery Planter, $20; 4. Butterfly Specimen Poster, $24; 5. Vintage Ribbed Planter, $16; 6. Floral Relief Catchall Dish, $6; 7. Incense Holder, $3

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