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diy project: woven rope pendant lamp

by AshleyAnn

Not that long ago, I replaced a standard light fixture in my home with a custom pendant. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized how significantly great light fixtures can change a room. The initial intimidation of working with electricity is starting to lessen with some great pointers from my dad, and now I am ready to tackle each room. My most recent replacement is a custom pendant made from a wire hanging planter and some sisal. Considering most pendants can average well over a hundred dollars, this version for around $30.00 is a steal! — Ashley

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Read the full how-to after the jump!


  • hanging planter basket (mine was $7.00 from Walmart)
  • sisal rope
  • single round outlet cover plate for a rectangular receptacle
  • white spray paint for metal
  • mini-pendant (you could opt for the standard size, as well)


1. If there is a wire crossing the middle-bottom of your basket, you will need to cut it with wire cutters. Once you have an opening in the middle, center the outlet cover and attach it to the basket with hot glue. The hot glue will not be weight-bearing; it just functions to keep things in place.

2. If desired, spray paint the basket and outlet cover.

3. Weave your rope through the basket. My basket did not allow for consistent weaving. After going around the basket once, it naturally wanted to repeat in the same manner. Instead of “weaving out, weaving in, weaving out, weaving in,” when I got back to my starting point, I had to weave over two wires, then begin the “weaving out, weaving in.” Depending on your basket, you may be able to keep weaving in and out without any repeats. There was a bottom rim on my basket, so I chose to vertically wrap the sisal at that point. You want the weaving to be tight, so this is a LONG process!

4. When you come to the end, tie a tight knot on the inside. If you run out of rope and need to begin with more, you can do this as well.

5. Attach to your pendant light fixture and connect to your ceiling.

You’re done!!

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  • this is great!
    I’ve been searching for good, simple DIY lighting ideas. This is perfect, and inexpensive enough to make that I wouldn’t feel bad for just having it up in the spring and summer, and switching to another fixture during the holidays etc!

  • Not surprised that I was interested in this project, then figured out it was you, Ashley. lol I love it! Now give a lesson on wiring where there is none so I can hang this in the perfect place. ;)

  • amazing, I could definitely see this on a larger scale above my kitchen table. sounds like a weekend project to me (one of many on my list!)


  • This is seriously fantastic, and it could totally be dip-dyed to fit different color schemes. Swoon <3

  • I would like to use this idea just to make woven baskets to hold all the ahem, “junk” in my house…toys, books….I could use any wire form…great idea!

  • I love this project. Is it safe to have sisal next to a lightbulb? It’s so dry and grassy, I’m worried it may burst into flame!

  • Very cute!! I have a friend who is an electrician so they could possibly help me with that aspect!
    Question – does it provide enough lighting in the evening hours?

  • Wowee! Elegant hack – can you see using different ribbons too? You and your dad keep up the great partnership!

  • Hi Ashley, I’m over from Centsational Girl. What an awesome chandelier! I love the texture of the sisal, great tutorial too. I’ve made several of these metal hanging planter lights, but I really love yours. If you want to see my versions go here: http://anythingologyblog.blogspot.com/

    Keep on creating! I’m off to check out the rest of your blog :)

  • Really cool! like the look of the finished projuct!
    but I too am concerned about the sissal catching afire…
    Also, if the hot glue is not weight-bearing, what is bearing the weight of the light fixture?
    Thanks for beautiful and not too difficult looking project!

    • I guess that the light fixture is stuck UNDER the wire of the hanging basket, so it k=lifts up the basket.

  • Amei essa luminária de corda, como adoro esse tipo de artesanato, vou fazer pra minha sala…pergunto> gostaria de pintar e qual tipo de tinta posso usar?
    obg. bjs.

    amei o seu blog.

  • This was the best…as in clearest/made the most sense… tutorial that I have read on how to make a pendant light! Thanks!!