carmageddon-inspired diy

by Grace Bonney

I love it when forced downtime produces something creative. Last week I couldn’t look at Twitter without seeing the hashtag #carmageddon (which didn’t end up being as bad as everyone expected), so I was curious to see how it would all work out. Luckily for a few people who chose to stay home and avoid the traffic, it turned into something fantastic. D*S reader Holly used her downtime to create her own hand-painted version of the classic David Hicks hexagon wallpaper. I love it when people tackle things with their own two hands, so it’s great to see a weekend where everyone panicked about cars result in such a gorgeous room. xo, grace

*Did anyone else use their carmageddon weekend to do something creative? I’d love to see what other projects people tackled with their no-car time . . .

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  • I love this! It’s so nice to have an excuse to spend some quality time with yourself or your space… carmageddon was a blessing in disguise!

    Yay for Holly, her bedroom looks so beautiful and she must be SO proud! =)

  • Wow, gorgeous! Looks like it was a real labor of love – emphasis on labor, with all that taping – but well worth the effort!

  • Holy moley — the amount of work!!! It is so beautiful. I am obsessed with graphic pattern walls right now. My v good friend recently did her bedroom in tonal shades of light blue & gray. It’s gorg. Mind you – she’s a designer and created her own pattern too. STUNNING.
    I’m not sure I have the patience.
    – Carrie

  • I didn’t hear anything about this “carmageddon” until now. I got a good laugh reading all the opportunists that popped up selling things like $400 helicopter rides over the highway! :)

    I want to know what music (if any) Holly listened to when working on this to maintain motivation during such a tedious process; hard work pays off though, it looks beautiful.

  • Those are the most lovely, soothing (and fabulous) colors. I’d love to know what they are. What kind of paint was used, and in what colors?

  • WOW, I so appreciate those who are able to have the patience to take on something like that, that ends up being so beautiful. It’s really awesome! Great work. There’s seems a cool texture that’s going on that makes it especially interesting.

  • OMG! Got enough time on your hands?? ;) I love it, but would not have the patience to pull it off. BTW – my brother is a crane operator on that site. Crazy LA media hyping it up. Totally was no big deal at all. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks!

  • Ooh, I did something like this in my old kitchen! Wish I had taken more pictures of it! One of the hardest parts of leaving that apartment!

  • lisa- the walls of my apartment have a crazy deep texture so that is what you are seeing. it is not paint over wallpaper.

  • WOW! The top photo looks like something I would see in Metropolitan Home or Elle Decor. I think you just found yourself another interesting biz opportunity. Yay Holly.

  • Oh my goodness. This is beautiful! So intricate…so much patience req’d. I’m totally impressed.
    Ps. This may make me seem completely Canadian and Clueless, but what’s this thing about Carmaggedon?

  • wow, this looks truly like wallpaper – impressive! why don’t they make cool stencils like this? i have gone to every craft store in the entire NYC area and all i find is damask or floral stencils. i want to do something cool like this!

  • Now that I’ve seen this headboard, I can’t think about anything else and I know I can never have it! I’m in the market for one right now and I so wish this one was mine!!!

  • WOW u go girl!!!! I thought i had patience but you have 10000 x’s more than I. I have some strange texture on my walls too and its in every room of my house I thunk it was a 50’s thing since thats when my house was built. I tried to do some stensiling and the paint ran under each little groove and I hd to go back and retouch by hand. UGH! Keep up the good work honey ur a natural.