before and after

before & after: pendant light + floral studio makeover

by Kate Pruitt

When Sarah first sent in images of the pendant lamp she made from old exhaust fans, I was excited to see more. I had no idea, however, that they were just part of a much larger production — the amazing renovation of this small floral studio. In addition to the light fixtures, which turned out wonderfully, Sarah brought warmth, sophistication and color into this space with some very well chosen details and all for a very reasonable budget. Wonderful work, Sarah! — Kate

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{All “after” images courtesy of Kate Osborne and Yan Photography}

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Time: 2 months

Cost: $1200 total ($21 for each light fixture)

Basics Steps: When I got the space, it was a plumbing shop that had moldy carpet, fake paneling on the walls, warped ceiling tiles with florescent lights and a machine that makes noises to scare away rats in the basement. I wanted the finished space to be fairly minimal and utilitarian because the floral business is a messy one. We ripped up the carpet, ripped off the paneling, drywalled the ceiling and some of the walls. We tiled the counter and put a concrete top on it. We laid reclaimed wood flooring in the front of the space where I meet my clients and a laminate floor in my workspace. We built the Brick House galvanized pipe shelf and a working counter, and a friend and I painted a floral mural on the front wall to mimic wallpaper. It was a tight budget, but I tried to be very resourceful and make anything I could myself. I think restricting myself forced me to be more creative, and I am really happy with the way it turned out. — Sarah



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