gildem california

by Grace Bonney

When I have a lot going on in my work life I like the things in my personal life (and home) to be as simple as humanly possible. I want to come home to a space that acts as a visual palate cleanser and lets my brain rest a bit after a day spent filling it with all sorts of prints and patterns. To that end, I’ve been drawn towards super simple storage pieces that will help me file clutter away, while still having some design value to add to the room. These natural leather storage bags ($125) from Gildem have been calling my name for a while because they seem so clean and simple- no unnecessary decoration or doodads to dress them up. I’d love to keep one of these next to the fireplace as a place to stash magazines and newspapers, but they’d be perfect for storing all sorts of odds and ends. Gildem also makes a beautiful minimal candle holder ($25) that fits perfectly with the “only what’s necessary” aesthetic I’m craving right now. Click here to check out (and shop) their newest pieces online. xo, grace

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  • Hey, I have these in my favorites, too. Great minds think alike…or are at least drawn to the same beautiful things! Also, I have to thank you. You tweeted Elaine Fong’s name the other day, and, after a few conversations, I have hired her to do some work for me. THANK YOU for this tweet. I am SO EXCITED to work with her on 2 upcoming projects!

  • OH, dear, my first thought on seeing the bag was “I could do that with all kinds of materials! So simple!” My next thought was “But would that be theft???”

    The proof of a great idea is that people wonder why they didn’t think of something so clearly great themselves. I am so tempted to use that nifty cut/shaping for all sorts of purposes. Then, I feel guilty that I’m “stealing” the idea and not paying the creators their due even though I’d never sell my homemade versions.