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diy project: cobbler’s stand candle holder

by AshleyAnn

When the day comes to a close during winter, I find myself inside with my laptop, but that changes as the days get longer and the nights get warmer. There aren’t many things more relaxing than watching the sun set from the view of my front porch on a warm summer night. Candle light flickering just adds to the peaceful mood. The thing about candles and being outside is that you always have to keep wind in mind. This simple candle holder made of a cobbler’s shoe stand and mold is heavy and strong enough to withstand the wind, and it adds an eclectic, romantic feel to a basic candle in a mason jar. Plus, it is easily moved inside during rainy or cold months. — Ashley

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  • hardback book (I wanted a base a bit wider than my stand for extra stability. I used an old book I found for $1, but you could use scrap wood for your base as well.)
  • cobbler’s shoe stand and mold
  • mason jar
  • candle
  • sand
  • four 3/4 inch screws
  • drill
  • crocheted trim
  • Crafter’s Goop (optional)


1. Mark with a pencil where your screws will go to attach the stand to the book base.

2. Drill your holes using a drill bit that is the same diameter as your screws. The size of your screws will depend on the slots on your cobbler’s stand.

3. Attach the stand to the book using screws.

4. Attach your trim to the jar. You could also use wire or fabric. The main concern is to keep the trim or wire away from the opening of the jar and flame. If you use a thinner trim or wire, you will want to put two beads of Crafter’s Goop on the top of the shoe mold to keep the wire/thin trim from sliding.

5. Now turn off your computer, head outside and enjoy the evening!

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