anthology: issue three video + preview

by Grace Bonney

After all of yesterday’s design magazine talk, it’s nice to keep the discussion going with another promising publication, Anthology. Anthology just released its third issue, which includes one of the most gorgeous event-styling ideas (courtesy of the talented Jordan Ferney) I’ve seen in a while. The rainbow-colored streamer scenes (above and below) are so beautiful, it’s tempting to hit the party store and recreate this on our porch this weekend.

Issue No. 3 Trailer from Anthology Magazine on Vimeo

To showcase the third issue, Anthology is sharing a preview video this morning that will give you a glimpse inside the magazine. I’m most excited for the piece on a DJ couple based in San Francisco — I love reading about people who share creative interests and find a way to build a life around them. You can get more info on the new issue (and sign up for a subscription) right here. Thanks to Meg Mateo Ilasco and photographer Aubrey Trinnaman for sharing all these gorgeous pictures today. I seriously want to bust out a streamer party this weekend. It looks like the perfect way to celebrate summer. xo, grace

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  • So pretty! But pricey, right? Especially for write-ups on (lovely) events like this that I read about on Jordan’s blog last year

    • marielle

      print magazines aren’t cheap to produce, so i think the price is fair considering the original content inside that requires traveling and photoshoots.


  • I hear you Grace — I only commented because they’re using content that has been used before, elsewhere. So no travel or photoshoots. But I’m sure they did have to do that for their other stories. I wish them well — I like their style.

  • Hi Marielle,

    This is Anh-Minh, the editor of Anthology. I just wanted to note that we actually did re-shoot the installation ourselves, so it is indeed original photography. From the start, Meg and I have felt very strongly about hiring photographers to produce images specifically for the magazine.

    And thank you for the well wishes!

  • I’m looking forward to getting my copy – if you are thinking about subscribing, you will love the feel of the magazine itself – substantial and gorgeous, almost like a little book. True, a bit pricey, but I squeeze a lot of enjoyment out of each issue, so I feel like I’m getting a good deal.

  • Hi Grace,
    I can’t say how thankful I am for the kind of commentary your site inspires.
    A quick aside: is there any chance you’d be willing to change the highlight color on your comments? Over the years I’ve come into the habit of highlighting what I read, but when I highlight your comments, it makes them almost invisible. Otherwise, loving the redesign.

  • i’ve also seen copies of this magazine at anthropologie, so you might be able to pick up an issue there if you don’t want to subscribe

  • That streamer image is STUNNING. It truly just took my breath away. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the new issue!

  • I love Anthology and am glad to see it featured here today. I know it is printed, but it has felt very fresh so far, I love it as a quarterly and find that it has a book like quality that monthlies and online mags don’t have.

    Huge thanks for your NYT response; I too was quite taken aback by the tone of this article and I’m grateful you took the time to respond and get a dialogue going.

  • I recently received the latest issue of Anthology and have kept it at my bedside to look over every night before bed. Love the quality and feel of the magazine, as well as the fresh and varied content. Thanks for featuring them!

  • Hey Anh-Minh, Sorry — I thought this was the old pics. I’m clearly misremembering!

  • I’ve seen that beautiful streamer-down-a-staircase idea once before, in last year’s Fossil Holiday catalogue, prop styled by the seriously talented Jessica Raney… I was the model in the shoot!! I love the idea for it at an event though, think of all the different colour combos and patterns depending on the occasion. Love.

    • sarah

      i’m still checking on the details, but it looks like the streamer shoot might actually be quite old. a reader above mentioned seeing it on jordan’s blog a year ago. waiting to get some details…i didn’t know the shoot wasn’t new for the mag. sorry about that,


  • I’m a recent Interior Design grad and I’ve also been bummed about the recent decline of good quality lifestyle/home magazines.
    After reading the comments here, I’ve decided to put in my order for subscription to the magazine. I have an addiction (to magazines) and while the price tag is higher than what I’m used to seeing….after reading Amy’s comment about getting more out of it than a monthly mag, I was sold.

  • This is Meg, the creative director of Anthology. It sounds like there is some misunderstanding about this article and the photographs featured. In this article, we asked Jordan and Aubrey to share with us their top 3 favorite ideas that they’ve made to celebrate special occasions for loved ones over the years.

    With Aubrey as the photographer, we reshot (and somewhat modified) all 3 ideas over two days in San Francisco in January 2011. Jordan’s assistant, Alexis, served as the model for the recreated projects. In the print article, we also included some of the pictures from the original celebration so that people could see both recreated and original pictures side by side.

    While these ideas might be considered “old” in blog years (it seems people are so quick to say “been there, done that”), it doesn’t diminish how special the ideas are. These are meaningful and sentimental gestures that Jordan and Aubrey did for special people in their lives. It was incredibly touching to be able share both the ideas and their stories with our readers.

    I think anyone who has subscribed or seen our magazine can attest to the quality of our publication. We always look to feature both original content–in writing and photography–in our magazine at all times.

    Thanks again Grace for including us in your blog!

  • I’m not concerned about the age of the photo in this post and I never said it was an old idea or implied that it was passe in any way – I think it’s still an incredibly original and lovely idea and definitely worth highlighting! I just wanted to give props (pardon the pun) to a good prop stylist I know :)

    Anthology looks like a lovely magazine!

  • I, too, appreciate that Anthology has a book-like quality. Yes, it is a bit more spendy, but the quality of its binding makes it a keeper. The subtle, quiet surface of the matte-finished pages allows for the beautiful and inspiring images to truly shine. Bravo!