reginapolis map

by Grace Bonney

I’m the type of music fan that gets into a band or artist pretty obsessively when I first discover them. I read all their interviews, look into their album art and the stories behind it and love to find out about what the band does when they’re not playing music. Usually that level of interest isn’t sustained over the years, but there are a few artists for whom my love is still as that blissful “in love” level (The New Pornographers and The Dismemberment Plan). I love seeing other people’s favorite musicians and artists and how they’ve chosen to celebrate their love of their work, so today I thought it would be perfect to share this map inspired by a singer’s lyrics.

Artist Francesca Pasini loves musician Regina Spektor so much she decided to draw a map of New York City using Regina’s lyrics as the primary means of decoration. Any places or neighborhoods in the lyrics are located in their correct geographic position and each song is written in a different handwriting style.

I love the idea of regional maps composed of lyrics or songs inspired by that area or written by artists in that area. How fun would it be to have a Seattle map made from your favorite grunge-era band’s lyrics? Or a map of Portland using Decemberists lyrics (illustrated by Carson Ellis, maybe?). I love the idea of really combining words and locations like this. It’s such a fun way to play with maps. If you’re interested in picking up this “Reginapolis” map from Francesa you can grab a copy right here on Etsy ($43). xo, grace

*One of my favorite gifts I ever got AC was a (make-believe) map of a town made using only Bruce Springsteen lyrics called “Springstreets“. Not just the actual words, but the imagery in songs. It was AMAZING and so classically Bruce. I’m still holding out for a map of Washington, D.C. using only Dismemberment Plan lyrics…

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  • I have already purchased one, is just beautiful to look at, reading it, loose yourself in the lettering world.
    love it

    • anne

      DP is touring a little this year, if they come near you GO GO GO. i saw them in nyc this past winter and they were just as amazing as i remember :)

  • I love that! I really like Regina Spektor, but if someone made a map of Seattle with grunge lyrics it would be hard for me not to buy.

  • I LOVE to see other people mention The Dismemberment Plan!!!!!! omg! G- I’ve been a casual reader for years but now I want to hang out. Come to Miami- it’s amazing. Wynwood is BLOWING up.

    • vanessa

      i’m a hard core d-plan fan for life. you should have seen me geek out when i realized travis lived in my (old) neighborhood in brooklyn. i went into super fan mode. ;)


  • I might have to go into debt to get this. I love D Plan too! I saw them in Boston and it pretty much intensified my experience listening to their albums at home forever after.

  • oh wow, these are really cool. :) would love to have one myself, i’ve always had this HUGE fascination with maps!


  • I. Need. This. Regina is a big part of who I am musically today. She was the first artist who I chose to listen to who wasn’t influenced by my brother or my family. I love thinking of her as *my* artist. Plus, I’m a bit of a map-a-holic. Haha.

  • beautiful, i love regina and i love new york…what a happy union. would love to saw a sufjan stevens one next!

  • I love this! And I love regina too! (too bad it sold!)…would it be too nosey to ask if you know what program she used for this? I have an idea of my own using one of my favorite cities in Israel..

  • love this idea…my first wedding anniversary is coming up, and I love the idea of interpreting the lyrics from songs we played at our wedding into a map…

  • I’d love to see a map like this of Chicago – just any song, rap or blues, etc., about Chicago.

  • Has anyone else discovered any other lyric maps? Would love to see some by some other artists!

  • i might have to have the fictional world of The Dear Hunter made into a map. This is too neat, and we definitely need some cool merch for the Summer tour.

  • Hello everyone and thanks!
    i’m the girl who made the map and i wasn’t expecting all this!
    for those interested: i’ll put a few maps on sale today and i will make them print again in the next weeks!
    thank you grace for publishing Reginapolis, :)

  • Anyone know if these got removed for copyright reasons or if they’re just out of stock? The link no longer works and I’m wondering if they’ll come back…

  • The link doesn’t seem to work for me, does anyone know if the shop has moved or . . .?