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diy project: clothespin mirror

by Kate Pruitt

I love clothespins; they’re one of the few simple tools with a design that hasn’t needed improvement. Inspired by the starburst mirrors from Ballard Designs, D*S reader Diane Henkler decided to create a similar style using wooden clothespins, which she then customized in a number of different ways. Anyone looking for a super-easy weekend project or something to try with the kids should check this out. Thanks for sharing, Diane! — Kate

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When an idea like this pops into my head, I have to try it out. Sometimes they don’t work, but I love to experiment. The steps for the project are the same no matter what size mirror you use — the larger the mirror, the more clothespins needed. I used a 5-inch diameter mirror that I bought at the craft store. The clothespins are from the dollar store. The total cost for making my mirror was under $5.00. I also made one that I spray-painted gold to resemble the catalog version. And I added decorative paper to the clothespins and made a colorful one. — Diane


  • wood spring-loaded clothespins
  • round mirror
  • hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • ribbon or picture hanger
  • (Optional — To make the painted or colorful mirror: gold spray paint, scrapbook paper and a glue stick)


1. Clip clothespins around the mirror to ensure even spacing before gluing them on. Place a can, plate or round object on the center of the mirror. This will keep the clothespins aligned evenly along the edge of the mirror.

2. Once you are happy with the placement, start hot-gluing the clothespins to the mirror. Open the clothespin and put a dab of hot glue onto the small flat section as shown. Open and close the clothespin a few times so the glue gets on both sides, and then attach it to the mirror.

3. Repeat for each clothespin, and then remove the can.

4. To hang:

To hang with ribbon: Put one clothespin aside before gluing onto the mirror. Open the clothespin and put the center of your length of ribbon right up against the hinge and then close. Attach the clothespin to the mirror the same way as the others and let the glue dry. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a knot or bow and hang over a nail.

To hang without ribbon: Hot-glue a picture-hanging hook to the back of the mirror.

Spray-Painted Version: Spray clothespins in desired color before attaching to the mirror.

Colorful Version: Cut scrapbook paper to the size of a clothespin, and then use a glue stick to attach.

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