debut: new shanna murray decals!

by Grace Bonney

It’s no secret that when it comes to all things shiny and metallic, I’m like a magpie. My eyes lock on to the shine, and my head stops until the rest of my body turns back around to see whatever it is that’s sparkling. So when I saw that Shanna Murray’s beautiful new range of wall decals included metallic options, I thought, “Sign. Me. Up.” I’ve been pretty vocal about being “over” decals for a few years now, but Shanna’s are the only ones that make me want to pull out my purse and buy some. They have such a delicate, handmade feel that bypasses the generic look so many decals have and look as though Shanna snuck into your home to draw something by hand on your wall. Her newest collection ($10 to $45 each) includes neutral palette details in a mix of matte and metallic finishes as well as mirror kits and chalkboard details (images coming soon). As always, you can add custom lettering to any garland decal if you want to send someone a special message. I’m such a huge fan of this series and might have to pick up a few for unexpected places in our home. If you’re interested in shopping Shanna’s lovely new series, click here to shop online. Thanks, Shanna! xo, grace

CLICK HERE for more images of Shanna’s new collection after the jump!

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