bathroombefore and after

before & after: bathroom redo + shelving room divider

by Kate Pruitt

Bathroom renovations can be tough; while other rooms usually see huge improvements from a new coat of paint, a few accessories or small furniture swaps, replacing an ugly pink toilet or bad eighties sink fixture can set you back quite a bit. However, as Becky’s beautiful new bathroom clearly illustrates, the investment can be well worth it. Becky has truly transformed this room into a relaxing, elegant space — as every great bathroom should be. Great work, Becky! — Kate

Time: 2 weekends for construction, one month for the rest

Cost: $4,000

Basic Steps: I purchased my older home a few years ago and inherited a small leak in the bathroom that turned into a huge problem. This was the true catalyst for my bathroom renovation. My whole concept for the new bathroom was centered on the idea of creating my own unique vanity using a found piece of furniture. After months of searching, I finally found an old stereo cabinet that I re-purposed into a new vanity. To add even more personality, I selected a vessel sink and sleek plumbing fixtures of contrasting styles. The next step was to select a tile that would add warmth to the space.

To create a more holistic space, I ran the same tile up the walls but added a horizontal band of glass tile to create some interest opposite the vanity. Selecting paint colors proved to be more difficult. It wasn’t until I came across a shower curtain that I absolutely loved that was I able to select the right paint colors. I purchased a light fixture that creates awesome shadows of flowers and leaves on the wall, found a home for some of my favorite estate sale finds and finally added some handmade finishing touches. Advice I would give would be to try to look beyond the ordinary and let your own unique style standout. Don’t follow someone else’s rules on how to design your space; create your own. And lastly, have lots of fun! — Becky

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CLICK HERE to see more of Becky’s bathroom and Julie’s room divider after the jump!

This architectural before & after is one of my favorites of the day. Julie needed a way to create defined spaces for her living room and bedroom, and instead of simply hanging a curtain or using tall plants (both of which I consider perfectly viable options), she designed and constructed a modern open-shelving unit and wall divider in just two weeks. I love the end result, especially the frosted doors and the hanging bulb fixture. Well done, Julie!

Time: 2 weeks

Cost: $700

Basic Steps: I used 3/4″ walnut plywood finished with walnut veneer edging and 3/4″ birch plywood that didn’t require edging because it was a higher quality Europly. I used 1/8″-thick Plexiglass frosted on one side for the plastic pieces which provided just enough of a visual barrier to separate my bedroom from the living room without blocking light. I finished the walnut with walnut oil and the birch with a clear polyurethane.

I was able to get rid of two shelves, a side table and a headboard with this project. I also plan on hanging a vintage Edison light bulb into the upper opening, adding one more function to the piece. Multi-functionality is critical since my apartment is so tiny (600 sq. ft. shared with my husband).

Don’t be intimidated by the wood shop; it’s not as scary as it seems. Working with your hands away from your computer can be incredibly fun and rewarding. I initially wanted to outsource the project to a contractor before one charged me over $800 to hang curtain tracks. I also feel lucky for having access to a public wood shop, since community college classes in my area no longer offer woodworking. — Julie

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  • Both are WONDERFUL. I love the wall color and the sink in the bathroom. It’s beautiful!

    Julie-Where is your couch from?

  • I love the IDEA of all the different mirrors in the bathroom, but realistically/functionally, I prefer having one big one so I can see how my pants fit and is there a stain on my shirt and is my belly bigger than usual, etc. etc. :P

    Still, the style is so lovely! Beautiful makeovers, thanks for sharing.

  • So funny, your before bathroom is very like my current bathroom (mirror, granite top to wooden fixture) I now have bathroom adequacy issues. OK, so I just haven’t changed it since I moved in, but it was because I didn’t think it was so bad! I must say the after has more personality

  • Bathroom makeover: I love the idea of hanging a light from the wall outlet. I’ve often thought of doing the same thing, but hadn’t seen it done until now.

  • You’re rad, Julie! The bookshelf is true DIY and definitely deserves to be featured here.

    p.s. I have the same couch in paprika.

  • Shayna: the Corona from Macy’s is on sale now!

    Lydia: thanks lady! I thought of getting the paprika but am commitment-phobic with color.

  • I have that Corona couch in brown! I like the grey color better; that wasn’t available when I purchased mine. The sage green color is very nice, too. Great wall unit and great bathroom!

  • where did you find your vessel sink? I’m looking for once just that size.

    Oh, and p.s., great job!

  • love them both..nice job! (but those tangents where the large mirror and the ovel mirror hit the paint line would drive me NUTS!)

  • That mirror above the sink is a vintage find isn’t it? I love it so much… would love to find something similar :)

  • i like your blog this is the first time that i read and see this blog im very happy for it,i really love interior decoration after all these times i finally find my goal and this is my goal learning more and more about interior decoration but really continue my education in this field is a big hope for me im very thankful for taking your information to the lovers of interior decoration because the world can be more beautiful and better place if we know beautiful elements and colors around us.

  • Amazing job on the bathroom make-over! I’m planning my own and this is great inspiration – the sink on the cabinet is just wow!

  • Julie, I love your shelf unit! Well done. I’d pay you to do mine anytime :-) I live in an 800 sq ft home and was fortunate enough to be able to design it (new construction). I separated my sleeping and living/dining with a narrow/long walk in closet (so you know where my addl 200 sq ft went…).

    I also love your couch, unfortunately Macys in Hawaii doesn’t do furniture. Its disappointing because I’ve seen quite a few pieces online that I’ve liked.