wye oak + baltimore artists = beautiful music video

by Grace Bonney

It’s no secret that I’ve been crushing on Wye Oak lately. Their new album, Civilian, is on heavy rotation around my apartment, so I was excited to hear from Merge about their newest music video. The video for their song “Fish” is a collaboration between Wye Oak and local Baltimore artist Katherine Fahey and photographer Michael O’Leary. Katherine created stunning paper cuts to illustrate the song, and Michael was responsible for the photography and cinematography. The result is a really gorgeous pairing of music and art that is absolutely worth pulling out your headphones to listen and see (if you’re at work; if not, crank it and enjoy). I’ve been hoping for something that would take the place of stop motion in the video world lately, and I think paper cuts are a strong contender. Fingers crossed. xo, grace

PS: You can check out behind the scenes photos of the video shoot right here.

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  • This is exquisite paper cutting and I can see why you’re addicted to Wye Oak – am on my third listen already! Thanks for the introduction. I still have Lisa Hannigan’s song/paper video bookmarked that you wrote about some time ago. When music meets paper art, it’s a very good thing.

  • I saw Wye Oak in Idaho a couple weeks ago…wonderful. Touring with them were Callers out of Brooklyn. They blew me away for the opening act, so tasteful in instrumentation and beautiful melodies! If you can, take a look at their cover for their vinyl record in person…it’s a work of art, gorgeous!

  • I’m so excited that you guys are posting about music for record store day! Music and art are both very important sources of design inspiration. I love that you guys love Wye oak also, it solidifies my complete faith in your taste.
    keep it up girls!!