personalizing your tech accessories

by Grace Bonney

Last year I went through a really obnoxious phase with my iPhone where I decided it was cool to buy a handful of different snap-on covers and change them regularly like an outfit. I didn’t talk to my phone or anything and get excited to dress it up, but I did sort of get hooked on the idea of changing up the look because the plain black just wasn’t doing it for me. One option I wish I’d looked into instead was something that would have let me customize it right off the bat with something that felt more “me”. So I was excited to see that D*S editor (and all around awesome girl) Kate Pruitt was doing a big post on personalizing tech accessories at the D*S blog at MyLifeScoop this morning.

Image above: Bookshelf iPhone 4 skin by artist Colin Thompson for GelaSkins

Kate rounded up tons of great options for customizing your phone, from unexpected cases and skins to Gelaskins and decals. If you’ve ever felt like the tech accessories you can’t live home without don’t exactly speak to your personal style, check out Kate’s list of ideas right here. I didn’t know Jill Bliss made cases and now that’s shot right to the top of my list, along with this one. So many options… xo, grace

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  • I JUST posted about this yesterday on my Facebook page. I had no idea until last week that you could print your own iphone cases. I made some with my paintings. I think this is yet another great avenue for artists to show”case” their work! Nice post!

  • Oooh, these aren’t at all a good idea. They oftentimes void the warranty of the device (due to overheating reasons, apparently).
    I’m sorry, I hate to be a downer.

  • Wow, I just found out how the rest of my morning will be spent! The uncommon site is amazing, and came along just in time to replace my current, extremely aged case. I’m loving how you can play with dimension, etc… Thanks!

  • I have the colorful book image (pictured first on an iPhone) on my Macbook; I’ve had it for at least four years now, and I get so many compliments on it from random strangers in coffee shops. And even better, I recently bought a new computer, and was able to cleanly peel off and transfer my GelaSkin to it with no trouble. It still looks as clean and fresh as when I bought it.

  • i’ve been enjoying my own uncommon i-phone case for a while now. haven’t shattered this phone yet, like the last one! new designs for uncommon coming next month!

  • such a timely post! i’m {likely} switching to the iphone and was just wondering where i could find a creative case. :)

  • Just a quick FYI: when customizing your cases or ordering cases with artwork on the back be careful about what colors are around the camera lens. A friend purchased an amazing iphone case from uncommon, but had to return it because it was bright red around the camera lens and whenever she used flash, the photo would turn a shade of red. Otherwise, it’s a great case that I also own and would recommend!

  • The books image is Colin Thompson’s “Bookcase” — http://www.gelaskins.com/gallery/Colin_Thompson/Bookshelf

    What’s not clear from the image is that that each shelf is themed, and includes a bunch of cute puns. So for example, there’s a fruit shelf in the top right corner, with images of fruit and fruit trees, and the book titles on that shelf are “A Tale of Two Lychees,” “King Pear,” “The Plums of Navarone,” “A Prune with a View,” and of course, “The Grapes of Wrath.”

  • These are wonderful, but it can be frustrating when every reference is to an iPhone. There are a lot of Android users, too (including me) and it would be great to join the party. Love the Charley Harper image!

  • PleinJane –
    I know that it can be frustrating when iPhones run the market. If you check out the full post, you’ll see I found a bunch of great skins that actually can be customized for almost all phone models. There are tons of cool skins for Android phones, and even older models as well, which can be hard to find sometimes…I hope you find something you like there!

  • Such nice designs! I’m not hi-tech enough to have a portable i-anything, but I do always keep the desktop background of my computer matching my doona cover – it’s somehow intrinsically satisfying.

  • i have uncmmon case #2! i get so many compliments on it and i have only seen 2 people with it! i love love love it

  • Awesome collection!! Only one word can I say that “WOW”..!! All are amazing!! Very innovative photographs. It will definitely help designers. I just love it!! And obviously waiting for lots more designs.