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neisha crosland: hollywood grape

by Grace Bonney

Since I’m talking about wallpapers, can I take a quick second to give a shout-out to my new (but not newly designed) favorite wallpaper? After we moved, I swore off wallpaper for my own home in exchange for embracing something cleaner and less pattern-driven, but this paper has totally made me change my mind. And if any designer could do that, it’s Neisha Crosland. Neisha designs some of the highest quality wallpapers around, and her “Hollywood Grape” pattern (in pale yellow) is calling me to it like a siren song. It has a distinctly vintage feel without crossing over (at least to me) into “retro” land, and the colorways are subtle enough that they don’t scream for attention. I’d love to use that pale yellow version in my living room — it would look so gorgeous with the dark espresso-colored floors. Ah, to dream . . . xo, grace

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