bedroombefore and after

before & after: two bedroom makeovers

by Kate Pruitt

These two bedrooms were definitely in need of some TLC, and I’m glad to say that they both received a large amount of it. For this master bedroom, Alison cleverly decided to add decorative molding to the walls, and I love the mix of gray tones, high-contrast black and white and the small pop of bright pink — lovely and restful. Great work, Alison! — Kate

Time: 4–6 weeks

Cost: around $2500 to $3000

Basic Steps: I wanted to create a master bedroom retreat with cool color tones and traditional/modern elements. It needed to be livable and functional for this family with young children. The room was a very bland tract-style bedroom, so I felt it was important to create a lot of interest on the main wall. Adding the white casing to frame the nightstands and the upholstered bed really add depth and dimension to a basic wall.

The two-tone gray paint is an inexpensive way to add interest. The oversized sunburst mirror adds a little drama while remaining consistent with the soft, soothing feel of the room. I wanted to find a soft, cool toned fabric for the upholstered headboard to add a slight splash of color. Aside from that, we selected a solid white duvet cover and euro shams from Pottery Barn, and I added three custom pillows.

I think you should surround yourself with colors and textures that you really love. I think clearing out clutter and creating the proper storage in the master is key to making this space “relaxing.” Look around in magazines and blogs to find colors and furniture pieces that you like, and do your best to re-create them. The master bedroom is really the last room clients often have me help them with; I guess people feel like no one sees it so why bother? However, it’s the last room you see when you go to bed and the first thing you see when you wake up . . . sounds important to me! — Alison

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CLICK HERE to see Jenna’s bright and lovely bedroom makeover after the jump!

I’m a raw-wood fan through and through, but even I can admit that sleeping in the orange wood-paneled wonderland of Jenna’s “before” would make me a bit stir crazy. Jenna has not only lightened the space, she’s completely opened it up and relaxed it; the sunny yellow and grays look fantastic against the white, and I feel like I can actually see this room breathe a little sigh of relief. Beautiful makeover, Jenna!

Time: 2 full days

Cost: $200

Basic Steps: We wiped down the walls with a damp cloth before priming and then let them dry. The entire process took two coats of primer and two coats of paint. We painted the two coats of Killz latex primer and one
coat of white no-VOC paint, letting each coat dry completely before adding another. We found that the best strategy was to paint these first three coats with brushes; the grooves between the panels made it impossible to cover everything evenly using a roller. When it came time to add the second and final coat of paint, we used a smaller brush to get into the small spaces between the panels, and then we used a roller to give the boards their final coat because it made for a much smoother, more polished finish.

Don’t be afraid to paint wood paneling! Some people told us we should preserve the “good wood,” but my husband and I didn’t see anything good about dark wood that sucked all the light out of the room. When those same people saw the room after it was painted, they changed their minds and let us know how much they liked it. Another piece of advice I have is to enlist the help of any family and friends, stock up on caffeine and sweets, and be prepared for some long days and late nights painting. The painting was not hard, but it was very time consuming–and I definitely developed some new muscles from the up-and-down brush work! —Jenna

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  • My bedroom looks so pitiful with it’s ugly carpet and mismatched furniture… These bedrooms definitely give me hope for the future when I don’t live in a condo and can make everything beautiful! =)

  • I love the curtains! Where can I find those? I am redoing my bedroom with a very similar color scheme. Love it.

  • Wow – Gorgeous! I love the second bedroom featured, especially the paneled walls, chandelier, with the pop of color using the yellow and black contrasting colors. Such a gorgeous bedroom!

  • Stunning! I wish either room were in my house. I love love love the yellow curtains. It seems like they would be too bright, but they’re perfect with the white walls.

  • Alison, can you provide any more details about how you added the white trim on the walls. This is something I’ve been wanting to do in my living room for some time now. Thanks.

    Love both rooms! Beautiful transformations.

  • Both rooms look really nice. My only hold- back is the carpet in the first room, it is so blatant in the before picture, like the worst thing, so how did they remedy it? Can’t see the floor in the after pic.

  • Incredible transformations! I find the moulding on the wall in the first pic and re-orienting the bed to the centre makes the biggest difference. The second room shows what a fresh coat of paint and some nice white linens can do for a room. Both rooms look beautiful!

  • We have never had a “real” bedroom. I am determined to “get” us one someday soon. These are some awesome transformations!! Great job!

  • Both are fantastic! Great idea to give advice on painting the paneling, too – we did the same and I second the advice. We also caulked any wide spaces between panels, which helped seal out air leaks and smooth out the painting.

  • Both rooms are gorgeous! I think it was the best idea to paint the wood walls. It is so much more up to date and brighter. Way to go!

  • Can you please share the color of the light grey? i’m just looking into painting a room in that color!


  • Love both, but the grey is amazing!
    PLEASE tell us the color names- greys are so hard to pick

  • Love the black nightstands in the first makeover! does anyone know where they’re from????

  • I love the bedroom with tufted aqua headboard — very ELEGANT. Does anyone know where the aqua headboard and lamps are from?

  • What gorgeous rooms! I’m definitely guilty of not spending a lot of effort in decorating our master bedroom. We’re currently trying to sell so the plans will have to wait a bit longer. I’m definitely bookmarking these ideas!

  • I, too, would like to know where the headboard in the first makeover came from. It’s lovely, just what I’ve been looking for, and can’t seem to find. It’s a beautiful room!

  • I have wainscoting just like Jenna’s knotty-pine panelling, and I agree it’s much better painted! My tips: sand lightly first with a power sander and fine sandpaper, use a brush in the grooves and a small foam roller, designed for cabinetry to make the painting go faster and get more coverage out of your paint. Also, one person painting low and one person painting high saves those leg muscles froma weekend of constant squats!

  • I was wondering exactly what brand/color of paint is used in the grey room and what, if anything, did you do on the other walls? Is there the same moulding or just the light grey paint. Thanks!

  • These rooms are so inspiring! It gives me hope for my poor bedroom also! I do agree with Jenna and your bedroom is the first room you see in the morning and the last room you see before going to bed at night so that makes it VERY important! Surroud yourself with bright colors and beautiful pictures–things that are inspiring and relaxing to you. Thanks so much for the great article!

  • Thank you everyone for the kind comments. I just wanted to answer some of your questions…

    the grey paint color-Sherwin Williams
    light Grey- Collonade Gray SW7641
    dark Grey- Pavestone SW7642

    The entire room is painted in the light grey. The dark is only inside the wall casing.

    The Lamps are Jamie Young. They are a wholesaler so you would need to find a retailer that carries them.
    The Bed and nightstands are also through a wholesale Manufacterer (the bed is custom). If you are interested in pricing/ordering send me an email. My blog is bdgstyle.blogspot.com for more info.

    Thanks Again!

  • I love the second transformation! It’s amazing how the white walls brighten up the space and the addition of yellow is incredible. Curtains are fantastic!!

    Nice job!!

  • Where are the curtains from? I am looking for hopefully cheap bright yellow curtains. Gray and yellow i my favorite color combo right now!!!