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sneak peek: best of green

by Amy Azzarito

Growing up, I greeted St. Patrick’s Day with more than a bit of apprehension. I was petrified of forgetting to wear green and spending the entire week black and blue from the resulting pinches. I decided to conquer my fear of green by hunting through the sneak peek archives to find green in homes. I’m loving green as a bright, poppy accent, and while I tend to prefer blues and grays, after looking through these photos, I don’t think I’d mind incorporating a bit of green into my own home. (FYI: We’re putting all sneak peek extras on Facebook, and there’s an extra album of green!) — Amy A.

Image above: Green Ferm Living wallpaper from Sneak Peek: Betsy Maddox

Image above: Juliet Totten bought this piece at Junk in Brooklyn and then gave it a coat of glossy paint. From Sneak Peek: Juliet Totten

Image above: Handpainted stripes on the wall in Zurich. From Sneak Peek: Malene Charles

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Image above: Designer Annie Coggan’s home in Starksville, Mississippi, from Sneak Peek: Annie Coggan

Image above: Floral wallpaper found on eBay from Sneak Peek: Sarah Hicks Malone

Image above: A worn green stool from Sneak Peek: Sibella Court

Image above: Green in the 1907 St. Louis home from Sneak Peek: Amie Corley

Image above: DIY coffee table on casters from Sneak Peek: Elephant Props

Image above: Green dresser found in a second-hand shop from Sneak Peek: Judy Kaufmann

Image above: Wellies are a must in the Hudson Valley. From Sneak Peek: Josh Vogel

Image above: Bright pop of green in Raina Kattelson’s Hudson Valley home, from Sneak Peek: Raina Kattelson

Image above: Green Thonet chairs from Sneak Peek: Raina Kattelson

Image above: The Brooklyn home of photographer couple Whitney and Dustin. From Sneak Peek: Whitney + Dustin of Oh Darling

Image above: A nursery in Seattle from Sneak Peek: Revival Home and Garden

Image above: Green glass in the Amsterdam home of Marijke Hukema. From Sneak Peek: Marijke of Restored (Amsterdam)

Image above: Green tablecloth in Oakland, California. From Sneak Peek: Kate Lydon + Anton Willis

Image above: Green sofa in Savannah, Georgia, from Sneak Peek: Halligan Norris Smith

Image above: Gray and green striped rug in Ghent, New York, from Sneak Peek: Eric Teng

Image above: Green dining room in California, from Sneak Peek: Elisa Carlucci

Image above: A chair saved from the Goodwill pile in front of a green wall in Nashville. From Sneak Peek: Chelsea and Tec Petaja

Image above: The Zurich home of photographer Marlene Charles

Image above: Worn green furniture in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. From Sneak Peek: Zoe of Cloth Clothing

Image above: Green sofa from Design Within Reach in Northern California. From Sneak Peek: Alex Marshall

Image above: A nightstand from Peru in Brooklyn. From Sneak Peek: Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Image above: Wallpaper designed by Kevin Dean in his home on the south coast of England, from Sneak Peek: Kevin Dean

Image above: Green file boxes from Before & After: Amy’s Louisiana Home

Image above: Stylist Olga Naiman spray painted black metal cabinets a bright green. From Sneak Peek: Olga Naiman

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  • love the green however i wish you would have posted on Green pertaining to the environment :(

  • I LOVE green {easily one of my favorite colors} so when my boyfriend and I recently moved into our new apartment, we painted our study an amazing shade of yellow-green. And while I love the color, in retrospect I think it was a little much for the room and wish we had gone a little lighter like the walls in the dining room posted above {Sneak Peek: Elisa Carlucci}. Oh well… next time, right?

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :)

  • gosh I hatethe colour green so much! I don’t think I even own any green clothing so pinch away world.

    though some of these images come close to convincing me otherwise.

    but not that close.

  • Green is one of my new favorite colors! However, what attracted me to that first picture is that round mirror with that awesome frame. Do you know where I can get it?

  • D*S does a lot of posts pertaining to the environment. I like that this one was about the color green, which so often gets overlooked. Beautiful homes.

  • I like green but I never know how to use it in a room. These are great examples of how fresh green can be! I hope everyone has a great St. Patty’s day and drinks a ton of green beer tonight!

  • Love all of the great uses of green!

    I’m really loving the aged green wooden stool as well as the green glass vases!

  • i love all the green rooms…gives me ideas!! I especially love the one from brooklyn with the white brick walls and paintings.

  • I currently live with the WORST of GREEN in our rental. The carpet (everywhere!) is dark green, like the dark stripe in the pic above with the pink couch pillows. I would so love some help! I’d like to paint the walls and do window treatments that minimize the greenness of our space — any color suggestions?? I’m desperate!

  • Green can look good in all rooms – if the right shade of green. What a perfect post for St. Pattys Day. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

  • LOVE green and LOVE the coffee table that looks like it’s made out of an advertisement sign? Where can I find that?

  • OMG! The coffee table in the Halligan Norris Smith sneak peak. I want one! Maybe I’ll even have a go at making one. Hurry up weekend…

  • Green is very relaxing to the eyes and it brings inner peace once you saw a green color specially inside the house.

  • Design Sponge how could you forget the green in:

    andy pratt & sarah coombs

  • Hey, Grace,
    I painted my kitchen in almost the same color and I love walking into my kitchen!
    Thnks design sponges!