new: dwellstudio look book!

by Grace Bonney

It’s always such an honor to share a sneak peek of a new collection before it launches — especially when it’s one this gorgeous. DwellStudio’s new Spring 2011 bedding and rug collection has managed to nail almost every one of the styles I’ve been dying to try in my bedroom. The room above, with its coral/brick-colored walls and sophisticated stripe/gray combo, is my idea of perfection. It’s grown up but not boring, and the stripes — well, I can never say no to a good stripe (especially one named after my favorite interior designer). And as much as I love red and gray together, I also can’t get enough of another classic color combination: yellow and gray.

This modern but lady-like combo has me itching to make a new upholstered headboard (how fantastic is that headboard??) and switch our linens out for something more neutral. It also has me wanting to cover my walls in decorative molding like the picture above, but I’ll have to leave that for whenever we own something. I don’t think our landlords would approve.

In addition to new bedding patterns (Batavia, Ikat Dots and Labyrinth and a new Poppy color in Draper Stripe), DwellStudio is also bringing some new colorways to older patterns like Trellis, Silhouette and Circles. They’re debuting some beautiful colored pillows and lovely rugs, as well, so no matter what you’re looking for at home, this new collection is bound to have something for your rooms. I know that the red-striped sheets and black-and-white striped runner are at the top of my list. If I’m not careful, my home is going to turn into one giant barcode with all those stripes.

You can click here to check out DwellStudio’s current collection online, or check out their booth at the Gift Fair this weekend in NYC (Booth #7817). These new pieces will be in stores by mid-February. Pricing for the duvet sets range from $280 to $340, sheet sets are $230 to $280, pillows are $48 to $78 and the rugs range from $125 to $650. xo, grace

UPDATE: some of the new collection is available online now.

CLICK HERE for 8 more images from the new collection after the jump!

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  • Oh, how exciting! I have a client with a bedroom absolutely MADE for the coral stripe! And I love the rug options, too. Go Dwell! And thank you, D*S!

  • LOVE all of these!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful preview. Does anyone know if they might have some new lines of kids’ bedding etc for this Spring? I’d love to see those also!

  • Looks like a great collection Happy they are doing new designs and bringing back old ones(especially for adult bedding ), but I’m gaga over the vintage pieces in the photo.

  • I love love LOVE those stripes!! I’ll be honest, the gray and yellow doesn’t do much for me, but the coral and gray hits it just right. I might have to try something like this in the near future.

  • I’ve been a fan of Dwell since they first started…every year their bedding goes on my Christmas list!! I don’t think I can wait until then though for the red striped bedding!

  • Do you know where the yellow pattern headboard is sold or do you think they made it especially for the shoot? I can’t stop thinking about it!

    • alyce

      dwellstudio is coming out with a line of headboards and furniture soon, so i’m hoping this is part of it. but i don’t know for sure. but thats’ their fabric on the headboard :)


  • Eeehhhhh…I like the stripes.
    I’ve got their Chinoiserie bed set. I have to say, though, after getting some of their baby furniture from Target that fell apart after 3 weeks, I’m disgusted with them. I know, I shouldn’t be shopping at Target & you get what you pay for…but they ere gifts from well-meaning grandparents. Bottom line, Dwell put their name behind utter crap and I’m done with them.And really, Ikat now? Unless you’ve been doing it for decades or centuries, it’s a day late and a dollar short (or way too many).

    • avril

      can you be more specific about the issues you had with the furniture? i have friends who use the dwell baby line without any issues, but i’m sure the dwell team would be eager to hear about any issues they need to address with the production team at target. i wouldn’t assume that they’re ignoring complaints or willfully overlooking issues- they’re a really nice team of people so i’m sure they’d want to work on fixing anything that is a real issue with that collection.


  • Hi Grace,

    Absolutely. It’s really cute stuff, so I was very dissapointed. Especially since we turned down a stokke crib because we thought it was too much. We got the changing table and convertible crib. The baby’s in a smaller crib, so that hasn’t been assembled yet. The changing table’s white safety perimeter (sits on top) came off and swivels every time we use it, practically falling off. Also, the front of the middle drawere came off and the bottom of the drawer then collapsed. The particle board or whatever the interior is made of is so thin that we’re loathe to try to try to screw it into another spot, for fear of totally shredding it. That would be great if you could pass it along. It’s very expensive to have a baby (just paying off an $800 medical bill for the birth eventhough I’m totally insured and had zero anestesia!) so this was really infuriating.

    Thanks as always, Grace.

    • Avril

      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience with that piece. I’ll pass this along to the DwellStudio team- I’m sure they’ll want to hear about this and will be equally concerned.


  • I love the buttery labryinth! I especially like how the colors and patters seamlessly transition from one season/collection to the next!

  • Hi Everyone,

    We SO appreciate all your support and are thrilled to hear you like the new collection. We take all your comments and feedback very seriously so please keep it coming!

    Avril, as Grace suggested we are very serious about quality complaints, with all our collections – we take all feedback back to our production people immediately and work hard with them to fix any issues. This is actually the first we’ve heard about any problems with the Target Furniture, but we are on it now! :) If you don’t mind, I’d like to email you and come up with a new solution for your crib and dresser/changing table. We cherish our customers so we are going to fix this for you. Christiane has even offered to come over and work on the dresser herself….

  • wow!! i was impressed with DwellStudio before, and now I’m just over the moon!! i love the new look book, i can’t wait to shop. and the response to the issue? amazing!! i feel like i’m reading ‘how to do it right’ case study back in business school. kudos!! :)

  • Can anyone help me track down the gray chair (or a simular one even) in the first photo? Talk about love at first sight…

  • Wow, Molly, thank you for your response! Now, that’s some customer service! I saw the “I love my Bed” piece about Christiane in House Beautiful this month and she and her kids looked so cute, fun and cozy that I couldn’t help but love her anyway…you always think it’s a huge corporation just selling rights to the name with a design team of 100 cranking out designs based on the findings or their even bigger team of Trend-researchers. Without trying to be corny, it’s wonderful to know there’s a real person who really cares! Especially since I’ve talked several friend into investing in the bed linens. (Alhtough, now I feel like a turd for the snide Ikat coment. I actually think it – and the entire Spring collection – is really beauitful!) Of course you can email me. (Let me know if you’re not able to do that.) Greatfully, Avril

  • Hi Avril -it’s Christiane. Thanks for the last comment. I appreciate it. I also really want to know when you are happy or unhappy about anything! We really do care about our customers and I will come to your place and fix the drawers. :)… We are about design and family and if you love our design – you are part of our family.

  • wondering about that bar in the photo with the blue rug…will that be a part of your furniture collection as well. love, love, love that grey chair!

  • wondering about that bar in the photo with the blue rug…will that be a part of your furniture collection as well? love, love, love that grey chair!

  • i am swooning over the bar pictured with the blue rug and that grey chair shown with the yellow rug. please, please tell us if they are in your new collection.

  • Aside from all the gorgeous linens here (love all the gray), I’ll have to say that I enjoyed seeing the interaction between DwellStudio and Avril, and that d*s is awesome enough to leave in a comment about a disappointed customer and then help mediate a solution. I didn’t really know much about DwellStudio before this, but I’m glad to see how concerned they are over one customer’s situation.

    Also, the headboards struck me right away, as I’m just about to re-do my homemade upholstered headboard and I love the vertical ridges. And what a great idea that paint-chip-type wall treatment is!

  • Ahh, that bed, the wooden one with the tapered back-sloping headboard under the window in the industrial loft space…. would anybody be able to tell me what it is, where it comes from? Many thanks!

  • Love the headboard in this month’s House Beautiful. Will it be in the new line? and where can I get a picture of it? I’m doing a Master Bedroom that it would be perfect for.