neighborhood finds: daskam & dworkis cutting boards

by Grace Bonney

After Aaron and I moved in on Tuesday, we took a stroll around the neighborhood. To my delight, we happen to be around the corner from a phenomenal sandwich/gourmet food shop, and I spent a good chunk of time loading my arms up with Salvatore ricotta and strawberry pepper jam. On the way out the door, AC spotted something I had missed: amazing cutting boards from local designers Daskam and Dworkis. Based in Greenpoint, Josh Dworkis and Tomas Daskam turn beautiful salvaged wood into food-safe cutting boards that are almost too beautiful to approach with a knife. Each piece is unique in color, size and shape, but I was mostly drawn to their pieces that have one “natural” edge and one smooth, finished edge (below). Perfect for cutting or using as a display/cheese board, these pieces were so gorgeous that I wanted to find a way to mount them to my wall and use them as shelves (I’m still working on that idea). While they don’t have e-commerce yet, Daskam and Dworkis sell their amazing boards at Meat Hook, Lucy’s Whey, Whisk and Eastern District in Brooklyn. I don’t typically post things without an easy click-to-buy link, but these pieces are really and truly so gorgeous that they’re worth calling up one of these shops to order. The prices for each board range from $7 to $49, but if you leave your cutting board out on the counter like I do, it might be a worthwhile investment to have something that’s equally beautiful and functional. Click here to see more of Daskam and Dworkis’ amazing woodwork and their retail/commercial installations. I’m so excited to be surrounded by so many amazing woodworkers here in Greenpoint. I hope to start interviewing and featuring them here soon, so stay tuned! xo, grace

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