chop chop

by Grace Bonney

This weekend AC and I stopped by our new apartment to pick up our keys and poke around again one more time before our move tomorrow. When I walked in I was immediately drawn to the kitchen, where I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time. Not because I’m an amazing cook (though I try my best), but because we’ll actually have counter space now. Our current kitchen has literally a one-by-one feet stretch of counter that is useable and our new apartment has about ten times that much space. So I’m pretty excited. I’ve been eyeing a set of gorgeous vintage cutting boards at a local Greenpoint shop for a few weeks now, but these cute new black and blue cutting boards from Fine Little Day in Sweden are pretty cute, too. Made from moisture-resistant HDF (high-density fibreboard), each board has a beautiful geometric pattern and is available for $33 right here. If you’ve got some counter space and need to do some chopping, head on over to the FLD site to see what’s new and pick up a board or two. xo, grace

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