before and after

before & after: mirror made of rulers + telephone bench

by Kate Pruitt

I have a special place in my heart for bulk supplies of any kind; in my mind, you can make something awesome out of anything, as long as you have enough of it. I know that Karen Johnston — the creative talent behind this metal-ruler mirror and many other clever reuse projects — would agree with me. This industrial mirror is actually quite sophisticated, and I love that from afar you can’t really tell what it’s made of. You can check out more of Karen’s mirrors (including the similarly themed and equally fantastic pencil mirror) on her site, Mosaicworks. Great work, Karen! — Kate

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CLICK HERE for Carly’s telephone-bench makeover after the jump!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I am absolutely in love with telephone benches. Wait, I know I’ve mentioned it — I was gushing over Caitlin’s retro phone bench last September. Well, I’m ready to gush all over again. This awesome telephone bench makeover from Carly has a very different feel than Caitlin’s mega-mod bench, but it’s certainly just as chic. Like Caitlin, Carly made the incredibly wise to decision to go bold with her upholstery pattern, and the result looks fantastic. I’m amazed at how she managed to pack so much drama and style into such a tiny piece, and I would never want to part with it if it were mine. Great job, Carly!

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