kitchenprints + posters

the splendiferous array of culinary tools

by Grace Bonney

Good morning guys! I woke up in an over-the-top great mood this morning because . . . we found an apartment! Remember the one I dreamed about the night before? Well it wasn’t so far off from my dream (minus the treehouse), and we’re moving in next month! I’ll share some fun pictures on Monday, but for now I’m happy to be typing a post that involves the word “splendiferous” because that’s pretty close to how I feel right now.

This week my Dad sent me a link to this beautiful chart of culinary tools posted on the Fast Co. Design blog (I love that blog beyond words). Designed by Pop Chart Lab, the poster maps over 100 tools that you’d use to prepare food in the kitchen. Printed with real copper ink (just like really nice pots and pans), the poster measures 18×24″ and is printed on archival recycled stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council. If you’re into beautiful kitchen gadgets like I am, click here to pick up a copy ($25). xo, grace

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  • My husband got this print for me for Valentines day! It is now proudly hanging in my kitchen. So excited to see it on Design Sponge!

  • I thought you were pulling a Roald Dahl on your readers by coining a new word..only to find that its been there since medieval times…now thanks to google I know how you are feeling!!!!

  • Two things I love about this post: 1) your awesome dad sent you a link to an awesome print and 2) you found an apartment you love! Congrats!

  • I love this poster. I hope they fix the ice cream scoop. Then I think I’ll definitely get one!

  • Congrats!

    And I love the chart. I would totally get something like this for my boyfriend, who loves to cook, except that I don’t know if he would care… Silly nondesign boys.

  • What a cool dad who blogs and knows what you like. I know it might seem strange to some to say this, but my mind “boggles” over that. :-)

  • Got this poster for myself along with the Beer poster for a manfriend’s V-day present. Might have to get the Rap Name Taxonomy as well; it’s the most genius one (though Migratory Patterns of Fresh Princes is SO funny in concept too!)

    Love love love great, clever design.

  • This is for sure on my “art to buy” list. It would look glorious in my little kitchen. Now if I only had some cash money…

  • Congrats on finding a place! Mine just arrived! I bought one for me & my best friend. Now just to figure out where to hide it when he visits! It’s even more beautiful in person. It has this glimmer to the ink!

  • I think it’s pretty adorable that you linked to your dad’s blog. And he is obviously an awesome dad for sending you this AMAZING print.

  • oh, grace, you rock! have you seen popchart lab’s superhero powers diagram? it is out of this world. just ordered. thanks so much for the link.