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sneak peek: tad & jessica carpenter

by Amy Azzarito

Prior to getting married, this home in Rivermarket — Kansas City, Missouri’s historic district — had been illustrator Tad Carpenter’s bachelor pad for several years. Before designer Jessica moved in, the couple renovated the apartment, which is located in an 1905 building that was originally occupied by the Helping Hands Association, a program that provided shelter and education for those in need. The couple loves the juxtaposition of modern and vintage and has paired their modern furniture, lighting and artwork with vintage collections ranging from old film posters or paintings to hand-painted trade signs and toys. Thanks, Tad and Jessica! And thanks to Eric Linebarger for the lovely photographs! — Amy A.

Image above: A collection of prints, journals, toys, books and goodies I have designed, as well as things from my office.

CLICK HERE for more of Tad & Jessica’s Kansas City home!

Image above: We love hand-generated typography. We have a really fun collection of hand painted trade signs including the two seen above our TV in our living room. We love these two because of the support illustration with the type. The top sign is for a drug store and the bottom is for a shoe shop. We also have several other pieces that are special to us on the book shelves. One of my favorite is the Krazy Kat toy shown in orange on the top right shelf. Really love George Herriman’s comic, so [I] love this piece from the early 1940s.

Image above: Thomas Paul pillows are a favorite of ours.

Image above: Our entry way can sometimes be a dumping zone. We collect so much stuff and like to change them out. You can see here old advertising tin signs, vintage posters and prints. The two resting on the floor are a signed print from illustrator Ralph Steadman and a painting I did when I was 19.

Image above: Love the Face Vase from Jonathan Adler.

Image above: Love children’s books and vintage toys. A collection of J. Otto Siebold books sits with a fun vintage pull toy used to promote one of the releases of a Rin Tin Tin movie in the 1920s.

Image above: Really love collecting vintage globes and I have so many of different shapes and colors. It’s fun to keep an eye out for them.

Image above: More Jonathan Adler goodies with the whale pitcher and fish salt and pepper shakers. One of our favorite overall features is the raw concrete floor throughout our home.

Image above: Color silk screen print by my friends at Aesthetic Apparatus.

Image above: Me in my office at my drawing table. Again, more found typography hangs on the wall as well as a circus poster from the early 1960s that my father attended as a child.

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  • I LOVE all the fun details they have incorporated into their home making it truly and uniquely theirs. I also love that studio space – what a great fun place to work!

  • Your place is great! Hooray for Kansas City! I live a few blocks away in Columbus Park.

  • Really like the new inclusion of “What I like about my home…”What a super sweet answer. Looking forward to hearing what other people have to say in other posts.

  • I always wonder when I look at these home “Do you always keep your home so clean?”

  • No cooler place in KC than Rivermarket area. Love the old school industrial ceilings and exposed brick. The old signage and letters throughout gives it unique feel throughout. *Like*

  • I love Tad Carpenter so it was great to see a glimpse into their lovely home!

    I keep thinking about a tiny kitchen island and the kitchen photo verifies that I should move forward with the plan. :)

  • I love it! This makes me *really* want to get my boot in gear and update our house, too… especially the kitchen. Nice work!

  • OK, I am ready to share! The space is SPECTACULAR. I love absolutely everything about it! So wonderfully creative and fun. Thanks for giving us a glimpse.

  • I love this house! So many fun things! Any ideas what that beautifully soft shade of blue paint is above the kitchen cabinets and in the dining room?

  • Wow! love their style and all of the typography around the house! What I’m drooling over is the large cabinet for art storage! Does anyone know if there is a specific name for these types of pieces?

  • Love Tad’s work and he seems like a really nice guy (over the internet at least), so excited to see his and Jessica’s home. I love all the color and playfulness, totally up my alley, personally as well as a designer.

  • Thank you all so much for the kind words. Jess and I really appreciate it. So nice to be featured here.
    I can try to answer a couple questions.
    The blue paint color is something we ha mixed to match a pantone color. (i know dumb graphic designers :) )
    As for the big white cabinet that is a flat file. I store prints and drawing in it. Thanks again!

  • Tad/Jessica,

    I’m curious: How do you keep the games/books upright? I’m having dreams and nightmares at the same time just by looking at your little column.

  • I always wondered what these two would have cookin up at home. a lovely feature. thank you all for sharing.

  • The “Player’s Please” ad is infinitely awesome, and I think I’ll spend the rest of my day trying to find one instead of working…

  • Every week I have a new favorite Sneak Peak, but this might be my most favorite. I also like the addition of “What I Like About My Home” – Good answer Tad ; )

  • this home has a unique freshness and a youth while still being “on trend”. nice inspiration! love the vintage circus poster – inspires me to keep stuff like that around to become vintage for my kids!

  • I love the bookshelves! I’ve been looking for something that mixed wood & metal. Did you find those locally? (I’m in KC as well)

  • Like Jamie B, I too would love to know where you found your flat file cabinet. Lovely home!

  • Thanks again everyone!
    The white cabinet in the first photo is a wooden flat file from the 1970s. Was really dated so we sanded and painted it white and added new hardware. I keep all my prints and art in it.

    As for the bookshelves that mix wood and metal we purchased those from Room & Board.

  • Wow, what a great space! I love all your vintage treasures, especially the metal signs and the globes. Definitely one of my favorite sneak peeks.

    Can you tell me where you bought your kitchen cabinets? Thanks.

  • I am a collector of old sign letters…so this was complete and total EYE CANDY for me…feeding my addiction etc!
    And I am going to spend the rest of the day longing for that flat-file!

  • Thanks to Tad and Jessica for sharing their abode with us! Very cool. I will put in an argument for the Westside (where I live) being just as sweet as living in the Rivermarket or Columbus Park. I love them all!

  • I am so happy to see Kansas City and the Rivermarket/West Bottoms be recognized for some of the amazing design and renovations going on.

  • adore that Player’s ad – wow. reminds me of my dad. lovely amazing home filled with great typography and colorful details. i’d move in right away.

  • those amazing (and amazingly put) metal typographers quotes and the concrete flooring… nom nom

  • omgosh gorgeous home! tad is there anywhere to purchase that amazing lil saying about your home? :) i would love that to hang in my home!

  • I’m a writer by trade, but I love old posters, although I own few since they are expensive. I wish there was a better shot of that 1940s hat/head stand. It looks like a beauty.

  • Where did they get the shelves in their living room, flanking the entertainment center?? I love them!

  • what can i say? your home is just amazing and i don`t find the right words… i just can say, that i felt in love with!