more/real stylus cap at kickstarter

by Grace Bonney

I am one of the biggest Kickstarter fans I know. I have seen so many amazing design-related projects funded through their site, and every time one of those ideas meets its goal and comes to life, I want to give everyone at Kickstarter a big hug. Today I came across another great project that’s looking for funding via Kickstarter. Designer Don Lehmen created these genius little stylus attachments that cap on to a pen or marker and work perfectly on touchscreens like an iPad. It’s such a simple idea but so clever. Rather than carrying around a special pen, you just need this one precise tip to attach to any pen or marker you have in your purse. While this may not be an everyday accessory for someone like me, I feel like all of the professional artists, designers and architects in my community would get so much use out of an object like this. Don is looking for funding to complete his work of making sure the tip of each cap is as precise as possible (to replicate the sharpness of a real pen), so if you’re interested in lending a hand, click here to check out the project in detail and donate. Best of luck, Don! xo, grace

*Those limited-edition brass versions below are my favorite. They are so pretty.

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  • This is absolutely Brilliant! Thanks so much for pointing it out Grace. As an illustrator I would keep this in my bag and take it with me everywhere, right along side my everyday pens and pencils. Going to check out their kickstarter page right now :)

  • I love this idea!

    As a wacom tablet addict when designing, I think something like this would be great for travelling, especially if you threw in a roll up graphics tablet sheet?

  • wow! cool. I have been experimenting with making my own stylus’ since there are so expensive. My favorite diy solution so far has been to take a mechanical pencil and replace the lead with soft conductive sponge. It works great for sketching on the ipad!

    @ Laura, i thought these were only for the ipad and do not work with wacom or cytiq.

  • Remsurge: i would have to agree. for me it would probably be something that i’d permanently fix to the pen, otherwise i’d do something bad :D but it’s an excellent idea!

  • @Remsurge: You read my mind! I’m such a multitasker, I’d probably start writing in my journal, skip over to the iPad, and oops! Ruined. Good thing I don’t have an iPad! ;)