mar y sol: is it summer yet?

by Grace Bonney

This morning I’m packing up for a quick weekend trip to DC to visit one of my oldest friends, and I’m starting to get really depressed about trying to fit puffy coats and snow pants into my backpack. My body has officially had enough of winter, and the thought of piling on layers of clothing just to go get coffee is enough to make me want to stay inside under blankets all day. So rather than facing the (cold) reality, I’m filling my head with images that remind me of summer, like these sparkly floor cushions I saw at the Gift Fair. Nothing screams summer to me like things made of natural fibers (I believe these are woven grass cloth) — they remind me of the big woven bags my mom used to carry with us to the beach. These colorful (and sparkly!) floor cushions were on display at the Mar y Sol booth at the Gift Fair and are imported from Madagascar. I can’t wait to see these for sale in stores (these debuted at the fair, so I’d expect to see them in stores in a few months), but until then, you can get more information on the products Mar y Sol imports right here. Here’s hoping for some warmer weather soon . . . xo, grace

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  • It’s supposed to be pretty warm here this weekend! Like in the 50s! Pack light, lady…maybe you’ll even be able to get some bare leg action in.

  • Grace-I don’t know if you already have your itinerary mapped out, but I highly recommend The Tabard Inn in DC (near Dupont Circle) for inspired cocktails and a cozy lounge–equipped with a wood-burning fireplace!

  • Holly’s right, Tabbard is fantastic. The Jefferson is also a great hotel bar that’s fairly newly opened in DC and has a library room to die for. Enjoy our great city!

  • I agree, winter is depressing, and down here in D.C. it’s just killing me. Blah.

    But I LOVE these floor cushions. I intend to stalk these until they come out!! And then pounce upon and buy a few… they sparkle! :)

  • gorgeous colors..and grass cloth is so amazing…and sadly, we still have 2 months left of winter/snow..
    but seeing all the images of flowers and colors on your blog is brightening things up…
    thanks-so much..

  • Thank you so much for featuring our new Home Collection! Our floor cushions and pillows will be available in stores and on our website in April. We’re really excited about the launch and greatly appreciate the post.

    You might also like to know that these, along with our handbag collection, are all handmade through fair trade partnerships with artisans in Madagascar. Hope they brought some sparkle to this heavy winter. Thanks again! ~Laurel and the Mar Y Sol team.