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janine rewell

by Grace Bonney

I love seeing illustrators who branch out beyond paper to tackle different materials and product types. Janine Rewell is a Helsinki-based illustrator and graphic designer who studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki as well as RISD here in the US. Janine says she’s inspired by surrealist painters and children’s toys, and it’s that playfulness and use of color that I really respond to in her work. She recently did custom painted porcelain sets (sadly not available for sale) as well as illustrated boxes and swings for Tunto Design in Finland. It’s always fun to start the morning with something that makes you smile and for me, this is it. Click here to check out more of Janine’s work online. xo, grace

*I’m still working on my roundup to go with the first pictures from our new apartment, so stay tuned for that tomorrow instead. I spent most of my weekend trying to clean the house to get ready for the move and wasn’t able to finish my little online moodboard for this morning. Sorry!

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