gabriel dawe thread installations

by Grace Bonney

This weekend AC was out of town playing at a poker tournament and I was home sick so I spent an awful lot of time on the internet, poking around for inspiration. After searching around my favorite haunts I settled into a full day of enjoying my old favorites: Sleater-Kinney albums, takeout Thai and the archives of Fast Co. Design. Fast Co. Design continues to be my number one recommendation for anyone interested in cutting-edge design and installations. Namely because these guys find things I didn’t even know existed, and then write about them so beautifully.

This weekend I read a post by Suzanne Labarre about an amazing artist named Gabriel Dawe. Gabriel creates site-specific installations using thread that quite simply blow my mind. Using over 50 miles of string, Gabriel creates dramatic, almost other-worldly installations that, from one perspective, remind me of sophisticated and elaborate versions of the weavings all Girl Scouts do at summer camp using popsicle sticks. From other angles? Well, they’re just breathtaking and evoke such a gut-level sense of awe that I have a feeling only gets stronger when you see them in person. If you’re looking for some early-morning inspiration, look no further than Gabriel’s work and the slideshow at Fast Co. — these pieces have been on my computer desktop for two days, and they’ve been endlessly inspiring. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. xo, grace

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