simple winter luxuries + stylish kitchen gadgets

by Grace Bonney

Two of my favorite ladies, Amy Azzarito and Kate Pruitt, are blogging on behalf of D*S over at My Life Scoop and Currency. Today they’re tackling two very different topics: kitchen gadgets and must-have luxuries for colder weather.

Over at Currency, Amy is sharing some of her favorite ways to stay warm, along with her list of top 5 simple luxuries to beat the winter blues. If February’s blustery weather has got you down, these cozy finds will definitely come in handy. Click here to check out her full roundup — I feel warmer already just looking at that red teapot . . .

*Image above from Gwendolyn of Dear Hancock’s sneak peek

Over at My Life Scoop, Kate is tackling kitchen organization with a roundup of her top 10 stylish kitchen gadgets to help you cook, prep, plan and shop. If you’re like me and try to make anything food-related as easy as possible, this roundup is definitely worth checking out. Click here to see Kate’s full list of favorites over at My Life Scoop. xo, grace

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  • Anyone who has $55 to spend on a separate grocery list device has an iPhone or smartphone that provides similar apps.

  • One of my favourite habits is to cook. I do buy kitchen gadgets for it. It is easy to perform my tasks with complete materials. Sometimes I do cater for some occasions.