d*s at currency: 5 tips to whip your kitchen into shape

by Grace Bonney

Over at the D*S blog at Currency, Amy and Kate have been focusing on “Getting Organized in the New Year.” They’ve already covered organizing your home office and closets, and today Amy’s tackling one of the toughest areas: the kitchen. She’s sharing 5 great tips for whipping your kitchen into shape (one tip: see-through storage) along with a roundup of cute and practical kitchen storage containers to get you started. Click here to check out the full post and all the product sourcing at Currency. xo, grace

*Image above from the EmersonMade sneak peek. Click here to see more great kitchens in our “Best Of: Kitchens” roundup.

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  • Would love to see what each of the numbered items are that you selected, but I can’t tell on the homepage or on the full story, help!

    • colleen

      just click the “click here” to view the full post on currency. there’s a clear numbered list under the image with all the details and links :)


  • oh my gosh. once again, grace and co., you have answered a question you did not even know I was asking. I’ve been obsessing about the perfect kitchen cart, which we desparately need — we have 6″ deep counter space right now. and there it is. a million hearts and pieces of pie in gratitude.

  • ok. on second look, after the initial domestic euphoria wanes, well, maybe it’s not entirely ideal, as it’s a big deep. so now it’s the standard by which we can judge. much thanks!