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diy project: vintage typewriter tin valentine

by AshleyAnn

With February now here, I thought I’d share a little project you can make for your Valentine. I picked up a few vintage typewriter ribbon tins from my local flea market for a couple dollars each. You can find them quickly online, but by keeping your eyes open at estate sales and flea markets, you are bound to find some for a great deal. By combining the tins with a love letter applied to twill tape, you can create a handmade valentine that is just as sentimental as it is lovely to see. Enjoy! — Ashley

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  • twill tape
  • t-shirt transfer paper
  • typewriter ribbon tin
  • scissors
  • iron
  • paper cutter (optional)


1. Create your letter using computer software that allows for “mirrored images” and landscape orientation. I used Photoshop, but there are plenty of other options. To keep with the typewriter theme, I chose Splendid 66 (18 pt) for my font. When creating your document, you want to keep the width of your twill tape in mind. You also want plenty of space between each line of your text. Once you have written your letter, you will mirror the image (flip the image horizontally). You can now print it onto t-shirt transfer paper.

2. Cut out each line of text, leaving enough room on the top and bottom of the text to overlap the width of the twill tape. Trim the ends of each strip.

3. Starting with the first line of your letter, begin ironing the paper onto your twill tape following the instructions that come with the transfer paper. I recommend using a sheet or thin towel underneath that you don’t mind getting transfer paper on. Once you iron on the strips, the top and bottom will adhere to the towel underneath. By extending the transfer paper the complete width of the twill tape, the surface of the twill tape will be consistent. Let the paper cool before removing from the ribbon and towel.

4. Trim the excess iron-on paper from the edges of the ribbon.

5. Roll your letter up and place it inside the tin.

6. You’re done! You can combine it with a few other tins to make a fun gift for your Valentine.

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