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diy project: valentine’s tea, three ways

by Kate Pruitt

I come from a family of die-hard tea drinkers, so I am naturally predisposed to liking pretty much anything tea-related: teapots, mug cozies, you name it. Last week, one of our readers, Austin-based blogger and crafter Emma Hadzi-Anitch, shared an adorable idea she had to make her own teabags for an easy and simple Valentine’s Day gift. I loved the project so much, I had to experiment with it, and I went a little crazy . . . too much Irish Breakfast pumping through my system, I guess.

I’ve included three different teabag designs, each one easier than the last. Whatever your time, budget or skill level allows, I guarantee you can whip up a whole batch of love tea for your Valentine before next Monday. I’m so charmed by these teabags that I might just make my own tea from now on, although I’ll gladly accept a box of Samovar’s Earl Grey or Yogi’s Ginger Tea any day. Thanks for the fantastic project inspiration, Emma, and Happy Valentine’s Day! — Kate

Floral arrangement by Studio Choo

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  • scissors
  • paper (white, red and/or any patterned paper you like)
  • cotton string
  • sewing needle and natural-color thread
  • lightweight cotton muslin (look for natural unbleached muslin, which should be available at most fabric stores)
  • heart-shaped paper punch
  • glue stick (or any craft glue)
  • loose tea (you can buy this or make your own)
  • pen


Teabag Design #1: Heart-Shaped Teabags

1. Cut a 2.5″ square of cardboard, fold in half and cut half a heart shape against the fold to create a symmetrical heart template. Use the template to trace and cut heart shapes out of the muslin fabric.

2. Take two muslin hearts and stitch them together using the needle and cotton thread. Start at the bottom point of the heart and work your way around the edge, making your stitches very close together to prevent leakage. Stop stitching when you have just sewn past the second hump of the top of the heart, and leave the thread and needle hanging.

3. Fill the heart with about 1 tablespoon of loose tea, gently tapping the heart to settle and pack the tea inside. Pinch the heart shut with your fingers and sew the remainder of the edge to close up the heart pouch. Cut loose thread.

4. Thread the needle with the cotton string and pull through the center of the top of the heart. Make a knot to secure the thread to the teabag.

5. Cut a 0.5″ x 1.5″ rectangle out of paper and fold in half to make your tea tag. Write a cute note inside, or label with the type of tea. Poke the needle through the center of the tag fold and double knot the thread to secure the tag on the thread. Cut loose string.

6. Repeat all steps to make more teabags.

Teabag Design #2: No-Sew Teabag

1. Cut a 5″ x 5″ muslin square. Remove any long stray threads.

2. Fill the center of the square with 1 to 2 tablespoons of loose tea.

3. Roll the muslin into a tube, and fold the tube in half, tapping it to shift the tea to the bottom of the pouch. Pinch the two ends of the tube together, and tie a cotton string around the neck of the tube, right above where the tea sits inside. Knot tightly to secure the pouch. Cut extra muslin off the top of the pouch.

4. Cut a paper heart for the tag. Thread your needle onto the loose end of the cotton string and thread through the top center of the heart. Tie a small knot and cut the loose string.

5. Write a cute note or the type of tea on the back of the heart label.

6. Repeat all steps to make more teabags.

Teabag Design #3: Customized Pre-Made Teabags

1. Remove the paper tag from a store-bought teabag.

2. Cut 0.5″ x 1.5″ rectangles out of paper and fold in half. Use a heart punch to make small hearts from a contrasting color paper. Glue the heart onto the center of the tag and write a cute note inside.

3. Thread a needle with cotton string that is already attached to the teabag, and poke the needle through the center of the fold on the new tag. Knot inside the tag and cut extra string.

4. Repeat with other teabags.

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