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diy project: simone’s plantable love note

by Kate Pruitt

It should come as no surprise that Simone LeBlanc is the mastermind behind this unexpected valentine — a handwritten love letter that, given the right love and care, can literally grow wild. Simone’s creativity knows no limits, which is one of the reasons why her styling and gifting services are so highly sought after. Thank you for sharing this inventive, lovely project with us, Simone! — Kate

Hi everyone, it’s Simone here with a simple Valentine’s gift idea that comes effortlessly from the heart. In this era of abbreviated text romance (i luv u!!), we all know that a handwritten love letter speaks volumes. From Voltaire and Victor Hugo to Edith Wharton and Zelda Fitzgerald, these greats understood the seductive power of the love letter.

Let’s build on their romantic tradition and put pen to paper — plantable wildflower paper, no less — to make a love letter that really lasts. Send your sweetheart the words that will make them swoon, and then plant them together and watch your words grow into wildflowers. This simple ritual will not be forgotten. Be still my beating heart! — Simone

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!


  • organic wildflower seeded paper  (you can find versions of this here and here)
  • pen or ink of your choice
  • stamp
  • envelope
  • water
  • soil


1. Get you hands on some seed paper — ask your local stationery shop or just browse online; you will be surprised at how many options there are. (Make sure you get the wildflower ones — there are versions with coconut and other natural fibers, but you want the ones that will seed quickly.)

2. Write something personal — a letter, a memory, a secret or even draw a picture just for your special sweetie. You can add a little note inside to let them know that you will plant it together.

3. Put it in the envelope, address and stamp it and send it on its way!

4. When it arrives, your love is sure to be surprised . . .

5. All you two have to do next is pick a spot — your garden, a pot or a favorite spot outdoors. Cover the letter with about an inch of soil, and then water and wait for love to bloom!

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  • Love it! This will be a sweet activity to do with kids too. Won’t grow a chocolate tree, but a nice “gift” on V-Day.

  • This is so beautiful – how romantic and earthy at the same time!

    Just wondered – quite off topic, but what kind of camera do you use? Your photos are always sooooooo beautiful…!!

  • How sweet! I told myself this year I would write out Valentines cards to everyone, guess what? Didn’t happen I ran out of time as usual, oh well, there’s always next year and this is a great idea!

    • julia

      the jump is the point at which the post continues on another page. just click “read more” and you’ll see the full post with instructions :)


  • So romantic and lovely, but to be honest, how many of us know men who will take the time to write us letters on wildflower paper? And were I to give one to man, I don’t know that many who would even appreciate and then plant said love note! Instead, I would do this for one of my girlfriends who would definitely squeal with delight at receiving such a unique card and then actually remember to plant it.

  • In case anyone wants to make teir own seed paper, I found this great tutorial explaining the process: http://www.graciousrain.com/2010/04/27/seed-paper-tutorial/
    Or for an easier-faster-cheaper way, you could use paper handkerchiefs: just lay one or two sheets over a smooth surface (marble countertop, for example), spread some small seeds, lay a few more tissue sheets and then carefully dab all the surface with diluted glue. Hope this helps!

  • I’m truly in love with this idea. We’ll be moving around a lot in the Air Force, so this would be a fun tradition to start at every base we’re stationed at :)

  • wow, I’m 12 and I know that love is a “seed”, but I don’t know there’s someone that really try heard to observe this, and finally found this : ) its a WOW, I’m sure Simone have a good value of life : ) mGBU, oh and before I forget, did you guys know where people sell this in Indonesia? or maybe in Spore? cause I live in Indo and I really wanna have this paper :’ )

  • That is super cool. I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Actually, a friend of mine and I did do something similar, but it was so much more work! I love the idea of growing flowers out of lovely letters, but I don’t know if I’d be able to part with them, ha!

  • Thanks so much for your comments!
    Linh – I actually do know a couple of guys who would do this! But I love your idea of sending to the girlfriends – and would be great for Mother’s Day of course…
    Sera Marie: I use a canon rebel t2i

  • Botanical Paperworks is from Winnipeg and I used to make paper for them when they were still tiny – they’re a wonderful company. It makes me happy to see them on design*sponge!

  • In this high-tech world we live in, it is so refreshing to see such a lovely & fun idea for a gift! This gift would never be forgotten:) What a precious memory for any couple or loved one!
    Simone, you are amazing!

  • What a lovely way to send love! Simone has such precious & unique ideas. I am an avid follower & reader of this “breath of fresh air” artist. And she is joyful, creative & always surprises us with her next discovery or creation!

  • I absolutely LOVE this. I’ve heard of literally planting written goals/dreams into the earth, but this is just a whole new level of physically expressing your love and dreams by letting them actually grow as you nurture and tend to it. I’m totally inspired!

  • Wee this is amazing : ) I love how Simone try to picture this : Love WON’T GROW WHEN YOU DON’T TREAT IT RIGHT : D And I reallyy want to give this to my best friend, and he is heading to another town to continue his study. Hmm, and I DON’T KNOW where they sell this kinda paper in Indonesia : / and please temmi if you know : D

  • Eunike – thank you :) I’m not sure where they sell it in Indonesia. But take a look at Lucia’s great comment about making it yourself! Good luck!

  • Like some other people said, (and I’m no expert on this), but it’s not that hard to make your own paper (seeded paper too) as long as you have a sieve. I used to make home-made paper as a child even. I do agree that most men are probably not going to care at all about a love letter written on seeded paper (or remember to plant it). I’d save this one for a letter to a far-away friend instead!

  • What? Makin it by maself? X D wee, thanks for your comment! Cause I really need this seed paper for my friend. And I want him to plant this and wow, thanks for your information! : D yeah, may GBU and thanks once agaaain X D

  • Kelly– Hmm, sieve? but how? : ) wow, thanks very MUCH! haha, I know I know, boys are careless sometimes about this kinda things, but my friend, is a romantic person himself : ) so I hope he will give atention to this plantable seedpaper I am going to make : D btw, I really am happy that you inform me about this : ) thaaaanks huaa X D

  • My boyfriend absolutely loves nature and this would be a perfect gift for him!! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea.