city towels by brian everett

by Grace Bonney

I think it’s going to be one of those mornings where I might need to break out the big guns (a large coffee) to get through these first few hours. My cats managed to crack the code (AKA, break into their automatic feeder. Doh!), so they’ve been pouncing on my face since 6am wanting more food. But before I pull on some sweatpants and head out to the closest pet food store, I wanted to share these fun new tea towels from designer (and Sneak Peek subject!) Brian Everett. After years of designing for other companies like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and CB2, Brian launched his own series as EVRT Studio and is debuting this illustrated tea towel. I’d love to see these as individual cities in the future — it would be fun to start your day with a little help from your illustrated hometown. If Brian doesn’t do that next, I’d love to see Julia Rothman take that on. With the collection of D*S City Guide headers she’s drawn already, she’s got at least a full season of new tea towel designs ready to go. But back to the point — if you’re looking for something cute to help you around the kitchen, click here to check out (and shop, $15 each) Brian’s new towels online. xo, grace

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    • hi FG

      you can see the two colors available by clicking on the link to brian’s site. he offers it in the brown and green hues.


  • Your cats actually broke into their automatic feeder?! That’s hilarious! Infuriating, but still hilarious.

    FWIW, I have the suspicion that if I were to leave an unopened can of wet food on my kitchen table, my two would figure out a way to pry it open. Opposable thumbs be damned.

    • rebecca

      oh they TOTALLY would eventually. my cats can pretty much get anything open these days. if they work as a team i bet they could get my ATM card and go on a cat treat buying spree ;)


  • Oh I feel for you. The power went off at 6.00 am this morning from the massive snow storm we had last night, my two year old woke up exactly one minute later (how did he sense that his night light had gone off) and after 15 minutes of him playing with the flashlight I gave up on sleep and handed him the iPad. Let’s hope the power comes back on soon. I desperately need some coffee.

    Super cute towels!

  • I agree completely: these are awesome, but they’d be even better if the cities were individualized. I hope he takes you up on that suggestion!

  • Speaking of individualizing to your city… I was wondering the other day when my city of Winnipeg was covered with a city guide if design*sponge and/or Julia Rothman would ever consider selling prints of her city illustrations that she does for the city guides. I don’t know what all the technicalities are as far as it being her commissioned work for you, but I’d sure snap one up if I could and I know some of my friends would too. Just an thought! :)

    • hi kara!

      i’d love to see julia sell these as prints, but sometimes it’s not super cost or time effective for her to do small runs like this. but she’s of course more than welcome to sell them as anything she likes- and if she ever does, i’ll be the first to let you know and celebrate them ;)


  • Ha! Hysterical. I have a furry pushy broad that like to wake me at all hours with lot’s of demands too!

    I have quite a collection of kitchen linens and I may have to add this to the collection. Thank you for sharing :)