brrr: winter bedding for falling temps

by Grace Bonney

This past weekend when AC was out of town, I ended up sleeping on the couch for three days straight. Not because the bed seemed lonely (though it did) but because our bedroom radiator decided to stop working, and it dropped to the low 50s in the room. Our living room radiator was working better, so I decided to drag all my bedding onto the couch and crash with the cats. Even though it was warmer, I found myself wishing we’d invested in warmer blankets this year. So when I saw that Kate was going to tackle winter bedding for her post at the D*S Blog on Currency today, I was psyched. Kate is rounding up great (and toasty) bedding options to keep you warm and hopefully keep you from needing to jack up the thermostat (and your heating bill). Click here to see the full post and sourcing for her roundup below. Stay warm! xo, grace

*Image above from Emma Cassi’s sneak peek. Check out some more great bedrooms right here, here and here.

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  • The heat in our bedroom is never very good, so this winter we’ve been sleeping with a quilt on top of a comforter. The only downside is that it makes it even tougher to get up and out from under the warm covers in the morning.

  • Lovely – the weather is warming up here in the UK after a baltic December/Christmas period. Is the headboard in the photo above a decal?? xx

  • i’m sorry to hear you had to sleep on the floor grace!

    on a lighter note – i really love the “headboard” in that image. it looks almost like it’s a sticker on the wall…but not as tacky as that sounds, lol.

  • I was planning on making one myself from a (lemonyellow flowery damask) vintage duvet cover and a nice darkgreen dots fabric I found at the market (for 1 euro per meter!)

  • We don’t heat our bedroom, and in the winter temperatures outside are usually well below freezing. This means our “Warm and Cozy” is a feather bed beneath us and two down comforters above us. Sometimes we actually get too hot under the covers, even though we can see our breath outside the covers.