unlock your data: skeleton key usb drives

by Grace Bonney

I’m packing up and heading west to Salt Lake City today for the Altitude Design Summit. These days, it’s harder to make sure I pack all my tech accessories than it is to pick out what I’m going to wear. From cameras, phones and laptops to dongles (such a terrible name), adaptors and chargers, I’m always scared I’ll leave something. Because my laptop doesn’t want to play well with projectors, I often store my presentations on USB drives, just in case I have to connect to a PC. I’ve got a drawer-full of ugly ones, so it would be fun to add a few cute ones to my collection. And I’ve found the perfect one to add to my growing USB wishlist: a skeleton key USB drive. Each of these colorful drives holds 2GB of memory and measures only three-inches long. Perfect for dropping in your purse on the way to work or just storing inside your laptop bag. You can pick up a pink, white or black drive right here at Fred Flare for $58. Happy data-storing! xo, grace

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